Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ABC Wednesday P is for….


P is for PEOPLE!
You know sometimes it’s difficult to get along with somebody.
We have various relationships among women at work.
Some people always complain and some people often bitch behind somebody’s back.
I sometime feel that is a hassle being with them.
But relationships among women are fun.
Communicating with PEOPLE is difficult and sometimes a hassle.
But communicating with PEOPLE is fun.
I wanna get along with various People!

Happy ABC Wednesday


uncleawang said...

Good choice for 'P' people.
Nice photo too.
Happy ABC-Wed.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Interesting post for ABC...I never thought of people but that is a good idea ...lovely photo.

photowannabe said...

Yes people can be difficult but perseveer. It will get easier.

Pietro said...

It's true, sometimes (often...!) is difficult to communicate with people. Very fine post for "P", Ayamlin!
About your question, I like a lot skiing, I enjoy very much the snow falling in large flakes, with those grey clouds over the mountains!

Webradio said...

To communicate is often difficult ! You are right Ayamlin...

ayamlin said...

* uncleawang
Hello uncleawang !
Thank you for your comment:)I'm pleased you said so:)

* Island Rambles Blog
Hello Island Rambles Blog!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm more than willing you said " good idea and lovery photo"!

ayamlin said...

* photowannabe
Hello photowannabe!
Yes, it's difficult but I'll try to do it easier:)

* Pietro
Hello Pietro!
Oh, is it also difficult even in Italy?
I have an image western people are cut and dry more than Japanese people.
So I thought it's easier than Japanese.
Is sometimes communicating between colleague ? Especially between female colleague.
by the way you like skiing!
I'm looking forward to seeing your picture when you ski!

* Webradio
Hello Webradio!
Oh, it's also difficult even in France!
Is it difficult between men?

marina said...

I find it easy to communicate with people but my true friends are two or three...

ChrissyM said...

Very creative post. We have a neighbor that has a communication problem, it's so fustrating!

Bear Naked said...

People--- everyone loves people!

Bear((( )))

ayamlin said...

* marina
Hello marina!
Yes, you can't find many true friends.
but if most friends are not true friends, they're important for us, too:)
I wanna value friendships between us, too:)

* ChrissyM
Hello ChrissyM!
Thank you for saying that:)
Oh, I'm sorry your neigjbor is a difficult person.
I hope you can slove the problem:)

* Bear Naked
Hello Bear Naked!
Yeah, everyone like people:)

jaejae said...

hi aya! i guess it's a fact everyone in earth has to accept -- that we are all bound by relationships. we are here to share, love, interact and be with everyone else. no matter how we think about it, the world is just one small place and keeps on getting smaller everyday! and blogging makes people from all over interact and be friends... like us! i try to look at it that way always. like, you know, why can't everybody be just a friend to everybody... i remember a song of my favorite band Nickelback... If Everyone Cared...

antigoni said...

Very nice post!

ayamlin said...

Hello jaejae!
thank you for your kind comment.
Yeah, right!
reading your comment, I got it.
yes, it's a small world.
we gotta share everything.
and we gotta value other people and be nice to them.
If everyone do that, the world become peace!

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
thank you for your comment:)