Friday, November 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** the small happy thing


People who are related to me at work came from bank.
They are in charge of analyzing other companies at my company.
They are very conservative and strict and it’s kind of hard to treat them.
It’s different from the relationships between ex-division and the other division.
It means my division and workers from bank are not kind of good companies at work
and they are kind of boss and we’re kind of follower ships.
But people who are the most related to me are them.
We work in the same company but the antecessor used to say “We always appreciate your
Business”.instead of “ hello “ or “ morning “ on the phone and in email.
When she ordered something to them, she used to say “ Could you conduct a detailed
inspection of the documents?” instead of “ Can you go over it? “
The word is like the word for saying customers and it was not friendly.
I’ve said “ morning. “ and “ hello “ to them the same as other people at work.
When I said “ morning “ to the most conservative person of them, he said “ yes “ or he said
nothing. But I’ve been saying “ morning “ to him since last January.
And then he finally said “ morning “ to me yesterday.
It was the first time he said “ morning “ to me.
I was more than delighted he said so. It’s like the situation when a person whom I have
a crush on says “ Yes “
Recently I feel like smile from him on the phone and I really pleased.
When you give up something, it’s over. I know it but the most important thing is
keeping doing something.
I found out it from a small thing!

Happy Sky Watch Friday


doggybloggy said...

ha ji may ma she tay -

Louise said...

Your photo is beautiful.

And although I can't imagine how anyone could ignore your "morning" for 11 months, I am glad you have finally broken through. It shows what a nice person you are, and how keeping at it pays off. YOU have made your work just a little bit of a nicer place to be.

Kay said...

I love your photo. It's so different from the other sky photos. The colors are glorious! Joozu!

Pietro said...

What a nice shaded image, Ayamlin!
You framed it well, I enjoy it very much.
Have a great weekend!

Webradio said...

Hello Ayamlin !

Politeness should always be important...

Your photo, very beautiful, gives the impression of "hearth cause uproar"...

Maria said...

Hallo Aya, your photo is very beautiful, the light shines so nicely through the leaves!
I am happy that you have finally broken through and that person also says Good Morning! :)
Have a nice Sunday!

niar said...

sometimes, small things can make a something great. Do a small happy thing every day and then you will feel the power of life..
It's nice pict aya, Is it the kind of maple leaves? I like it.

marina said...

That light in your photo finally came in his heart! What a beautiful way to start your day with two words only: "good morning!".

ayamlin said...

* doggybloggy
Hello doggybloggy!
thanks for your comment.
but I'm sorry I can't get it.
what does it mean???

* Louise
Hello Louise!
I got small Kitty's stuff for your child:)
and yes yes, western people say hello more than Japanese.
when I go to abroard, I feel it always.
I want Japanese people to say hello more with their smile.
I always try to say hello to everybody.
Thank you Louise. I'm happy to read your sweet comment:)

* Kay
Hello Kay!
Actually I have a good friend who has the same name as you:)
and thank you for loving my photo!
I'm more than delighted:)

* Pietro
Hello Pietro!
Thank you for saying that:)
I'm more than willing you enjoyed seeing my photo:)
Have a nice week ahead:)

ayamlin said...

* Webradio
Hello Webradio!
my friend who often goes to France said " French people say " bon jour " to everybody. and
it's very comfortable. " to me.
I want Japanese people to be like you guys:)
thank you for your kind comment as usual:)

* Maria
Hi Maria!
I ate some sweets from you already. but I wanna eat them slowly and enjoy eating them for a long time:)
and thank you for your sweet comment as usual:)
I'm happy to read that:)
Have a nice week ahead:)

* niar and marina
Thank you for your comment:)
I'll write message to you later!

ayamlin said...

* niar
Hi niar!
Thank you for your comment.
I'm sorry I'm late to write a message for you!
yes, it's important to notice small happiness in the usual days.
and it makes us happy:)
This tree is a kind of maple.
It's Japanese tree and it's called " Momiji".

* marina
Hi marina!
Thank you for your comment.
I'm sorry I'm late to write a message for you!
Western people often say " good morning " more than Japanese.
I like that! and I want Japanese to be people in Western!