Friday, April 24, 2009

Sky Watch Friday**the sunset like friendships


There was an small incidence at work and I felt down.
Oh, I can’t put up with it…. I thought. And I felt down carmly.
Actually I hanged in there and managed it. So I was in a freefall slowly and carmly.
I emailed a friend of mine in the bathroom of work and called my sister after working overtime. But I couldn’t feel up.
When I went to an electronics retail store since I decided to get my mother-in-law i-Pod,
I called my friend from college on her cell phone.
She didn’t take it. That’s why I knew she worked yet.
She finishs working around at 8:30 at night. I didn’t get seeing her. So I wasn’t gonna wait for her and I went to the basement of an department store. I thought I could buy the expensive meat and fish if I wouldn’t eat out and looked for something good. But I ended up not buying anything. Coloful cute manicures caught my eyes on my way to the station and I stopped by the shop. When I picked up a manicure of melon color, the friend called me and said“ Aya? What’s up? “
I asked her she had plans at the night. And she answered her husband waited for her at home. I felt bad for her husband and I hanged up not to say anything to her.
I saw beautiful colorful manicures again. And then she called my cell phone again.
She said “ “ I already called my husband. So I can see you. Where are you now?”
I felt sorry for her husband but I was more than willing . she said “ Your voice sounded lonely. “ to me later.
The tender time that she made soothed me.
I didn’t know why but I felt lonely at the night.
I was gonna tear if I wasn’t be careful.
I’m a happy woman to have the best friend who cares me sometimes more than even her husband.
Friendships are really priceless.
By the way this is the sunset from a train called “ Yurikamome”.
The tender sunset like friends is warm like spring.

Happy sky watch Friday

Monday, April 20, 2009

it might be a dream


Was it about a week ago? I saw cherry blossoms in full bloom in the sky but it might be
a dream…….

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've got a feeling


Last week it was really fun to jog while seeing cherry blossoms at night!
I could say cherry blossoms in the afternoon look like teen-age-girls and cherry
blossoms at night look like sexy and mysterious women in their late twenties.
When you see cherry blossoms in the afternoon, they would be purely beautiful.
But when you see them at night, you’d feel like a devil living and even if you knew
you don’t have to go there, you couldn’t stop going there.
Speaking of which, how was I when cherry blossoms bloomed last spring?
I’m just remembering….last spring I just got transferred and I had tough days
since I couldn’t get used to my job and being at the division.
I went through the hardness of the job and the relationships at work.
It’s so much fun this spring more than last spring.
I’ve got a feeling I’m having many lucky things this year.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

jogging while seeing cherry blossoms


Last friday I jogged from work to a stationon my way home after a long time.
I jogged for an hour and a half hour. An hour and a half hour is very good time
to jog comfortable. I wasn’t tired and it felt very nice.
Wherever I went, cherry blossoms were in the full bloom.
Couldn’t be happier when I jog under sucha a beautiful cherry blossoms.
When I jogged last year, I found a place where cherry blossoms were very beautiful.
So I stopped by there.
Many people drank with their friends or famiy. Under the cherry blossoms.
Some people ate something that they brought and some people cooked there like BBQ.
I emailed attached pictures my sister’s family and my husband many times and we
went drinking to Izakaya restaurant near my house.
My husband said “ I don’t wanna go home yet. Why don’t we go to Karaoke till in the
morning. “ But I had to go to work on the following day. So I couldn’t.
I went to bed right away since I was sleepy. My husband fell asleep right away even
though he said “ I don’t wanna go home yet. “
In Japan speaking of spring, it’s dawn. Night might be short in spring.