Friday, November 26, 2010

I hope for there to be peace


The two countries are on shaky ground.
When I got back from Saipan, I met an American army on the plane.
He was young and he was on the way to Korea.
He missed his family already and he looked nervous.
Because he had to be in Korea for a year.
When I talked with him, I said " I hope nothing happens. ".
of course he answered " hope so. "
He is in Korea still now.
I hope nothing happens.
I hope for there to be peace.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

French toast*


When I lose my appetite, the things that I wanna eat are dishes that my mother used to make.
Per say, a salad, French toast, fried lightly browned mix vegetables, Madeleine and such.
There are a lot of food that I wanna eat but when I lose my appetite, I found out that I like
Western dished more than Japanese dishes.
I wanna eat the salad that my mother make more than the salad that I make.
My mother makes dressing to sprinkle some salt to pour sour and olive oil roughly.
There are various recipes for good dressings but the dressing that she makes is the best.
This week I had been thinking that I want my mother to make that and it on my way home
from work even though I lost my appetite.
That’s why I made French toast for breakfast yesterday.
Usually I eat a piece of bread but when I made French toast I cleared two pieces of bread right
It’s easy and simple to cook and that’s my favorite dish.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The thing that I was more than delighted is……


My husband who’s been coming home late got something for me.
He got me a stole as a surprise present. It’s good for me when it’s getting cold.

Last Friday night I visited my sister’s house.
When I left there around at 10, my nephew called U-chan started to cry.
Because he didn’t want me to come home.
I was more than delighted even though I knew it was a kind of coincidence. He was just
mood to do it. He is just 5 months old.

Around at 5 in the evening on Saturday the phone rang.
It was from my friend called Mcchi. It’s been a while to talk with her.
I emailed her in the morning. Then she called me.
We couldn’t stop talking to each other and ended up to enjoy talking for an hour n half hours.
I was more than delighted she called me after a long time.
I wanna see her again.

On Saturday night I ate out with my mother.
An Italian restaurant where we went was closed down. So we went to another restaurant
to eat nicer restaurant than usual to eat hamburger steak.
We enjoyed eating hamburger steak, rice, miso-soup and Italian salad.
My mother asked me to stay at her house. So I decided to do it.
It was a little bit narrow on my old bed. But I was more than delighted to eat some veggie
Sandwiches that my mother made. I ate them for breakfast. And I brought them home and
ate them for lunch, too.

Pleasant weekend is almost over.
I have to get up early every morning from tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I know it but BON JOVI is fabulous!


I listen to various songs and I’m in the mood to listen to calm soothing songs like Enya
and I get powers from young female artists’ songs.
For instance I’ve been liking Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. In addition I’ve been listening
to songs of Katy Perry.
When I jog and go to work, my body pounds and I can’t stop shaking my hands while walking.
These days I’ve been listening to songs of BON JOVI again.
I know it but they’re really fabulous.
A song that I often hum is “Captain Crush and the beauty Queen form Mars “.
There are rhyming words in the lyric and it’s easy to hum also it’s fun to sing.
I haven’t gotten a ticket of their concert on November yet but I wanna go there….
I’ve been thinking of it.
By the way I took this picture in Saipan.

* you tube→ “Captain Crush and the beauty Queen form Mars “