Sunday, November 14, 2010

The thing that I was more than delighted is……


My husband who’s been coming home late got something for me.
He got me a stole as a surprise present. It’s good for me when it’s getting cold.

Last Friday night I visited my sister’s house.
When I left there around at 10, my nephew called U-chan started to cry.
Because he didn’t want me to come home.
I was more than delighted even though I knew it was a kind of coincidence. He was just
mood to do it. He is just 5 months old.

Around at 5 in the evening on Saturday the phone rang.
It was from my friend called Mcchi. It’s been a while to talk with her.
I emailed her in the morning. Then she called me.
We couldn’t stop talking to each other and ended up to enjoy talking for an hour n half hours.
I was more than delighted she called me after a long time.
I wanna see her again.

On Saturday night I ate out with my mother.
An Italian restaurant where we went was closed down. So we went to another restaurant
to eat nicer restaurant than usual to eat hamburger steak.
We enjoyed eating hamburger steak, rice, miso-soup and Italian salad.
My mother asked me to stay at her house. So I decided to do it.
It was a little bit narrow on my old bed. But I was more than delighted to eat some veggie
Sandwiches that my mother made. I ate them for breakfast. And I brought them home and
ate them for lunch, too.

Pleasant weekend is almost over.
I have to get up early every morning from tomorrow.


100% said...


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! I'm glad you had a pleasant weekend!
Sunday I got some information about the blue-ray disk. For the best performance of the blue-ray disk it's necessary to have: a blue-ray disk reader + a full HD television set + a hdmi connection.
Have a beautiful new week :-)

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! I agree, it's so good to take a bath at home when the weather is cold! About your question: as far as I know, we take both showers and baths. I mean that some people prefer the bath others the shower. I think the percentage is about 50%. The shower in winter is not cold if the water is at the right temperature and the bath-room is well heated.
Happy Thursday :-)

Marina said...

You had a great weekend and got a beautiful gift! I hope everything is going well in your life and have wonderful Christmas holidays, too!!!