Sunday, November 21, 2010

French toast*


When I lose my appetite, the things that I wanna eat are dishes that my mother used to make.
Per say, a salad, French toast, fried lightly browned mix vegetables, Madeleine and such.
There are a lot of food that I wanna eat but when I lose my appetite, I found out that I like
Western dished more than Japanese dishes.
I wanna eat the salad that my mother make more than the salad that I make.
My mother makes dressing to sprinkle some salt to pour sour and olive oil roughly.
There are various recipes for good dressings but the dressing that she makes is the best.
This week I had been thinking that I want my mother to make that and it on my way home
from work even though I lost my appetite.
That’s why I made French toast for breakfast yesterday.
Usually I eat a piece of bread but when I made French toast I cleared two pieces of bread right
It’s easy and simple to cook and that’s my favorite dish.


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! French toast must be really tasty!
When many years ago I was on holiday in London, I liked a lot the classic eggs & bacon for breakfast! We were in a hotel in Piccadilly Circus and the breakfast was a very wide buffet, with a large assortment of dishes: from the cheeses to the hams, eggs, bacon, meats, even delicious sweets and cakes. It was a fabulous restaurant indeed!
Happy new week :-)

Marina said...

We like it in the evening!!!It's really light!!!
Do you feel like playing? Come and recieve an invitation...