Saturday, October 29, 2011

clear nice autum afternoon


Last night my husband worked through the night.
I used to be scared even when I heard small sounds at night.
But now I’m perfectly OK because I have a baby son.
You might laugh about it, I can be relaxed and feel safe sleeping while touching
a part of his body.
Who protects who?
Today we visit my husband’s friend.
He asked us to come over saying “ Why don’t you come over? We’re doing BBQ with friends
now at home ! “ all of sudden.
So we went to his house at the next station from us.
His wife is pregnunt and she’s rasing a baby son in it.
Fathers went to the same school together and baby sons are the same age by coincidence.
In the clear nice autum afternoon we spent nice time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear attractive women


I’m taking a break with a book from my mother’s bookshelf and coffee.
This book is entitled “ Dear attractive women “.
Today my energy is running out……
Tonight I’m in the mood to enjoy spending time for myself at night in Autum.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a selfish mother but...


Around at 7 at night when I breastfed my babyson, he fell asleep.
Oh, I was gonna read picture books for him. But if he slept so early, I didn’t need to do
something for me tonight. Oh, is it OK it’s that easy? You don’t need to sleep.
Mom thought of that.
Hmm? He waked up actually!
Mom was a little bit disappointed....
Oh, I'm a selfish mother.
But he was sleepy you know. And then he fell asleep being breastfed again.
My first priority is you and I really love you!
It’s True*

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon*

I decorated the room for Halloween because my friend enjoy doing various things
for Halloween.
Picture books that I borrowed at the library for my baby son were like Halloween
for coincidence.
Putting that aside, it was nice out and it was delightful on a Sunday afternoon.
And a friend of mine visited me with her husband to see my babyson.
My husband cooked Vietnamese salad roll and stirfried bitter gourd with Tofu.
And I made hamburger, pumpkin salad, Japanese soup and baked Mont Blanc.
It was a pleasant afternoon.
When I cooked, I said “ wait a minute! “ to my baby son many times.
I wanna take a long time for him tomorrow.
Oh, he is crying while sleeping often tonight.
I gotta go to bed next to him already!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday*


My hands are getting rough because I wash my hands a lot everyday.
I put babylotion on my hands and wear plastic gloves when I do dishes before it’s worse.
So my hands still looks goodJ
Everyday it’s hard my baby son keeping waiting for me when I take a shower before
I let him take a bath.
Tonight and last night he was able to wait for me watching “ Baby Mozart”.
But he can’t seem to be bottlefed.
I sometimes gave it up and it’s OK he can’t do it I thought. But sometimes no, no!
it’s better to do it for him I thought.
Tomorrow it’s gonna be raining.
He can’t enjoy seeing the scenery outside.
I’m wondering what I should do for him tomorrow.
For starters I’ll go to bed next to my baby son to play with him a lot tomorrow
even though it’s 9:00 at night now.
night night, everyone!
By the way I ate various vegetables from South of Japan that my sister and my friend
sent me. They are vegetables that I don’t need worry! It’s very good!