Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon*

I decorated the room for Halloween because my friend enjoy doing various things
for Halloween.
Picture books that I borrowed at the library for my baby son were like Halloween
for coincidence.
Putting that aside, it was nice out and it was delightful on a Sunday afternoon.
And a friend of mine visited me with her husband to see my babyson.
My husband cooked Vietnamese salad roll and stirfried bitter gourd with Tofu.
And I made hamburger, pumpkin salad, Japanese soup and baked Mont Blanc.
It was a pleasant afternoon.
When I cooked, I said “ wait a minute! “ to my baby son many times.
I wanna take a long time for him tomorrow.
Oh, he is crying while sleeping often tonight.
I gotta go to bed next to him already!


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! What a beautiful collage: it describes so well the warm feelings and atmosphere of your nice family!
About Turin, yes, from that terrace you would enjoy a splendid view over the whole town.
Have a pleasant day :-)

Kay said...

I didn't know that you celebrated Halloween in Japan. That is so interesting. I can see that both you and your husband are excellent cooks. Your son is very lucky.

Cheryl said...

The menu sounded intriguing to me. I really enjoyed seeing your Halloween decorations. You will have such fun as your son gets older, decorating together.