Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a selfish mother but...


Around at 7 at night when I breastfed my babyson, he fell asleep.
Oh, I was gonna read picture books for him. But if he slept so early, I didn’t need to do
something for me tonight. Oh, is it OK it’s that easy? You don’t need to sleep.
Mom thought of that.
Hmm? He waked up actually!
Mom was a little bit disappointed....
Oh, I'm a selfish mother.
But he was sleepy you know. And then he fell asleep being breastfed again.
My first priority is you and I really love you!
It’s True*


Cheryl said...

Aww...such a sweet post. You are not being selfish...any extra time a mom gets for herself is wonderful! I am delighted that you want to read to him, I did that for all three of my babies and they all love to read! Its a special bonding time for you and your son.

Marina said...

Try to keep him awake during the breastfeeding!!! How,you'll ask... With playing with his ear, his foot or hand! Playing NOT caressing the baby!!!!
And ofcourse you're not selfish! Every mom needs some time for herself!!!

Kay said...

A mother needs to try and catch some "Me" time whenever she can. It's important. Have his dad take over also. He sounds like an easy going baby.