Friday, November 28, 2008

Japanese green tea with small happiness


We sat on the side of the garden while drinking a cup of green tea after taking a walk
in Daitokuji. Drinking tea while seeing changing leaves is such a fantastic thing.
The thing Japanese drink green tea is really luxurious and elegant.
The beautiful garden is made for people who drink tea in the small room called” Chashitsu “
All people use a tea cup that ceramic artists made with their power.
When Japanese make tea, people value the way they make tea and do it slowly.
It means they take their time to do it.
Putting that aside, I’m not sure the price of the green tea.
Whenever I pay when I’m with my parents-in-law, they say “ You don’t have to pay.”
My father-in-law still works. Probably that’s why they say it.
After starting to work I started to try to pay for us also my parents.
It’s my personal policy and virtue.
I don’t know why. Probably I had my parents worried when I was young.
So I have to return a favor. It might be the reason.
But it’s not bad I have parents who pay ours.
Because we can’t seem to depend on other kindness after grwoing up.
What’s great about getting married is some hard thing might happen,
but also many happy things happen because you have another parents.
The more years pass after getting married, the more you find out something good about
marry also getting how happy you are.
By the way this is a bowl called “ Tsukubai” in the garden of Daitoku temple.
Go ahead to wash your hands and go to the room for Green tea!


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's beautiful to drink a cup of tea in that wonderful place!
Very picturesque shot! :-)

Kay said...

This is such a beautiful photo. I agree with you that it is a wonderful thing to marry and inherit another family to call your own. I have also been blessed with a beautiful family from my husband.

I found the whole tea ceremony thing very interesting and complex. When we visited my mother's family zen temple there was a very low door that I asked about. They said it was the entrance to the tea ceremony room. People must enter humbly to participate in the ceremony. Such beauty.

doggybloggy said...

what a beautiful place for a beautiful story.....

Maria said...

What a beautiful picture! I'd like to drink a cup of tea in this wonderful atmosphere!
Have a nice week, Aya! You are such a wonderful friend!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for saying that:)
yes, it was really comfortable!
if you have a chance, you should go to Kyoto more than Tokyo:)

* Kay
Hi Kay!
Thank you for your comment:)
In Japan it's said " it's hard to get along with wife with her mother-in-law.
How about Hawaii?
I don't have the image it's the same as Japan.
by the way I saw an American drama called " brothers and sisters ".
there was a scenne that people made Japanese green tea and drank tea.
they said " Japanese does it when they want to be calm. "
It's a really good custom:) I want to be able to make good green-tea:)

* doggybloggy
Hello doggybloggy!
thank you for your kind comment:)
Green tea is really good. I want you to drink the tea once in life:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your sweet comment as usual:)
I wanna go to Kyoto with you someday.
Have a nice week ahead, maria.
You're such a wonderful friend for me:)