Wednesday, November 26, 2008

red leaves and nice air


In the next morning of staying at my husband’s family-house my mother-in-law waked us
up. Breakfast was already ready and there was some pieces of bread and something on the
table. Chanson was playing in the living room. My mother-in-law has learned it for a long
She wore full make-up last night but she didn’t wear make-up when we had breakfast.
Becoming family is something like it, I thought.
My father-in-law drove and went to temples in Kyoto.
We saw beautiful changing leaves covered mountains on the way there.
We stopped by a gorge and took some break while seeing beautiful leaves and listening to
the sound of water.
Sign of “ For Sale “was on the almost broken wooden house.
It was on the side of the river and there was a beautiful Momiji- tree next to it.
If I lived there, it would be attractive.
But if the river was swollen, the house would get washed away easily.
My father-in-law looked like enjoying smoking in the clean air.
There was a stand of vegetables around there and Chinese cabbage is sold for 100-yen.
If I lived near the stand, I would’ve gotten it.
My mother-in-law talked about something and the sound was echoed on the river.
I repeated her Kansai accent in mind. It means we have different Japanese pronunciation
in each area of Japan. So she pronounces Japanese different from me.
I wanna learn her accent. That’s why I repeated her words in mind.


Kay said...

What beautiful colors! We were visiting from Tokyo to Hokkaido to Kyoto and Hiroshima but didn't get to see as much fall colors as we would have liked to. I think we were there too early in September to October. I know just what you mean by the different accents. My mother's family lives in Sendai and they find my Hiroshima accent interesting. I think it's because there are so many people from Hiroshima in Hawaii. My mother has had to correct me many times.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's interesting to hear about different Japanese accents. Also in Italy there are many accents and dialects in the various regions, sometimes difficult to understand for the Italians themselves.
Fantastic photograph! :)

marina said...

We have different Greek accents too! I believe that happens in all countries!

doggybloggy said...

I would love to hear and distinguish all the accents of japan...

marina said...

Dear Aya check your e-mail! I have something for you!

Maria said...

Aya, we have different dialects in Austria, too, but due to the influence of a country-wide television and films synchronzed in Germany the dialects vanish more and more and we often wonder when our kids speak as if they were grown up in the neighbouring country of Germany *LOL*
What you narrate is really poetic! When I read your post I started dreaming, Aya
As I am a curious person, I have tagged you to learn more about you. Come to my blog and see, please!

ayamlin said...

* Kay
Hello Kay!
Oh, You have come to Japan!
I'm more than delighted to hear that!
If you come to Japan again, please tell me.
I'll show you around Tokyo.
And your mother's family lives in Sendai, oh really!
Can you speak Japanese by any chance?

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Oh you have different accents in Italy, too!
Yeah, it's the same as your country.
sometimes it's hard to get the word in other places in Japan.
The word that the same meaning had tottaly different accents!

ayamlin said...

* marina
Hi marina!
Oh, you have different accents in Greek!
Yeah, I found out that happens in all countries from everybody's comment!
and thank you for your email!
I was really pleased:)

* doggybloggy
Hi doggy bloggy!
please come to Japan and hear the accents:)
Come and see!
and I'll tell you what's the difference!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Oh, your coutntry is the same as my country!
Yes, the same thing happens in Japan, too.
Japanese language has changed from TV, comics or something.
Japanese among young people is called " convinience store's language ".
Because it sounds correct but it's weird.
By the way thank you for saying "poetic ".
Oh, I'm really happy!
You haved tagged?? what does it mean? Oh, I'll see your blog soon!!

tikno said...

It's beautiful, feel calmly and peace.