Monday, February 23, 2009

the sun like Dragon Ball


I went snowboarding last weekend. It was my first snowboarding this year.
My husband has been busy these days and there is few snow this warm winter.
So this is my first time and might be last time to go snowboarding.
In the morning when we go snowboarding I always don’t wanna get up since it’s warm
inside the bed.
But snowboard is fun.
I hope I go snowboarding one more time this year.
By the way this picture is a Dragon Ball of the sun that I saw on the express way.
Dragon ball became a Hollywood movie. I wanna see it I might laugh because it’s funny.


Pietro said...

Lovely shot, Ayamlin.
I hope you can go snowboarding many times in this year. Sunday I have been to the mountains and the snow was so beautiful and crumbly: but no skiing because now I am completely out of training. :-)

antigoni said...

Great photo, Aya.
I hope you had great time and do it again soon.

niar said...

dear Ayamlin,
your picture is more perfect from the time after time, and I confess of your skill bout it.
I remember bout dragonball. It was a movie when I always see in the sunday morning when I was in elementary school

marina said...

Great shot Aya! I don't know the film but your photo is full of mystery