Monday, February 09, 2009



I couldn’t use my PC from Friday night since my PC was infected with the virus.
My laptop is very old. So I can’t install new soft because there isn’t enough memory.
Of course some problems happen often.
But I haven’t paid back 100 thousand yen out of 240 thousand yen that I lost two years
ago. In addition, I borrowed 250 thousand yen to go to school for sweets.
I can’t buy new laptop…..
But I use laptop everyday. I have to use money for laptop already.
By the way speaking of using money, I used money for my hair.
My hair looked gold by the sun shine because my hair was damaged.
That’s why I had my hair colored dark blown.
A part of gold hair turned black like a little bit blue and every time I saw my black hair
in the mirror, it looked very fresh and strange.
But after two weeks the hair turned brown already.
Gee, is it a waste of money?


Maria said...

Oh Aya, 250.000 yen is 2.100 Euros! That's really very much money! I am sorry that your PC has troubles now with the virus.
Hope you can buy a new one soon.
Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! What a lovely friend you are to me! I am so happy to know you, Aya! Have a nice week!
PS: We have adult education centers in Austria which offer different courses (languages, gym, painting, cooking and the like ....) and the fees are not very high, about 150 or 200 Euros for half a year, one sesson per week. I think 2.000 Euros for a cooking course is extremely expensive. Why are courses so expensive in Tokyo?

antigoni said...

We all need a change. Nothing is waste. I'm sorry to hear about your laptop. I think you must save some money for a new one.
The church in the middle of the lake unites with the land by a stone path.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I really hope you can buy soon a new laptop. In effect, for a good navigation it's necessary a Memory of at least 2GB (or more) and a hard disk of at least 160GB (or more). Then of course there is the processor which must be good.
Here in Italy we can find very good laptops at about 600/700 Euros.
Have a good week ahead, my friend!

Marie Reed said...

I'm sorry to hear about your laptop too! It's hard not to become extremely attached to our computers! I even named my computer Bruno!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
thank you for worrying me!
when I lost money two years ago, I was really disapointted.
I had had the money, I could've gone to even Europe!
but it's OK. I'll take " bygones!"
by the way the fee for learning how to make sweets is very expensive.
but the school where I go to is cheeper than others.
there are many school in Tokyo.
but every school is expensive.
Especially schools that French cooks teach people to make sweets are way too expensive.
learning the way to make sweets costs higher than others.
I can find inexpensive schools for English but I couldn't find inexpensive schools for sweets.
That's too bad!

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I gotta save money for new laptop.

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your nice advice!
I'll keep it in mind!
I haven't looked for new laptop yet.
but probably we can't get it for 600/700 Euros!

* Marie Reed
Hi Marie!
Thank you for your comment!
by the way what are you doing on Valentine's day?
there are lots of incredible sweets in France.
I wish I were in France!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.