Thursday, February 12, 2009

dinner cruise*


I enjoyed dinner cruise for company trip in Yokohama.
After getting in the room it’s the same as drinking at establishments.
But we enjoyed seeing beautiful scenery at night out of the windows an cold comfortable
winds felt good when I took pictures outside.
Actually I’m not in the mood to drink since I had a hangover two weeks ago.
When my husband drank on holidays and said “ Why don’t you drink? “, I didn’t want to
drink at all.
Probably I drank amount of alcohol for few months.
By the way when we took a train to Yokohamam I was kind of shocked when I heard
something from a younger female coleague.
She lost 5 kilos for three months.
She looks slim in the first place. But in addition, she lost 5 kilos!
I felt like slapping my cheek.
Even though I spent time with her, but I didn’t change at all.
I gotta make efforts from now on like her!


marina said...

I lost three kilos before Christmas but then I took them again! I like sweets and bread and I don't want stop eating them so I'll live with them!!!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it looks like a very inviting dinner!
About your question, for Valentine's Day here some people give a present, others go on a journey.
Have a good weekend!

niar said...

hi Ayamlin,
it's very nice to see you cruise pict, anyway, how many days you stay for a trip at cruise, or you just have a dinner?
happy val days aya

antigoni said...

Don't be so hard to yourself.
Enjoy every minute of your life and don't think about loosing weight all the time. Enjoy the moments you have. Think of those that they don't have their health or their loved ones near them.

ayamlin said...

Hi marina!
Oh, I'm the same as you.
I like sweets and bread!!
these days I don't weigh myself.
So I don't know my weight.
I wanna lose weight till summer!

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your answer:)
oh, some people in Italy go on a journey on Valentine's day!
that's really sweet!!
Have a nice week, Pietro:)

* niar
Hi niar!
It's been a while!
How've you been? I'll stop by your blog later!
by the way this cruise goes around only Tokyo sea.
Yes, we had just dinner.
Have a good week, niar!

ayamlin said...

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
Oh, my mother says the same thing as you.
she saids you don't have to think so.
I wish I didn't put weight if I eat much food!