Saturday, October 10, 2009

climbing a ladder


I was hoping it would be good after the terrible surgery. But I needed another treatment
at the hospital.
So I went to the hospital in the early morning on the following day.
I had a stomachache also my feet hurt since my feet got stiff during the surgery from
being terribly nervous like running full marathon.
Getting to the hospital, I was a patient in urgent need of treatment. So I was able to
have a blood test first.
I lay on the bed at the room before the treatment and dozed off.
I had a nurse measured blood pressure at the bed.
She said “ You had a surgery yesterday, didn’t you? It would be hard for you. “ to me.
After a while the treatment started. It hurt very much and I felt that something burned and
I said something loud.
After the treatment it hurt more than after the surgery. So I rolled on the bed for two hours.
On the day I climbed a ladder from the low of the lows bit by bit.
I got back on my feet because of emailing with my friends and sister.
I was able to enjoy reading the traveling essay written by Haruki Murakami for a while.
But I didn't have an appetite even though I didn't eat much on the previous day and I hadn't eaten anything on the day.
I lost about 2kilos.
By the way this picture is castella that my friend baked and soap that she made.
I was so pleased she sent me something that I wasn't expected.


Anette said...

Hope you will get well soon, Ayamlin!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I'm so sorry to read these bad news. Many wishes for your health: I really hope you'll feel well soon.