Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas cake 2009*


Christmas is just around the corner!
I baked Christmas cake this year, too.
I decorated the cake like a picture that I got at some patisseries.
By the way And this is the Christmas cake that I baked last year.


Anette said...

A beautiful cake!! I wish I had been there for a big piece! Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, what a delicious cake you have cooked!
The patisserie of the cakes in my post is a renowned shop in the center of the city: if you go there, you can chose all sort of cakes and many many other excellent sweets!

Merry Christmas!

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Hi Anette!
I'm more than delighted you said so to me:)
I wish you a merry chirstmas and a very very happy new year:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
I'm so happy to read your comment:)
I like eating sweets also seeing sweets.
So I often get pictures of sweet at many patisseries!

Marina said...

Your cake looks yummy like it was last year! I'm sure everybody enjoyed it!
Yes this year was pretty taugh for us but I hope and wish new year will be better for us and everybody!
Enjoy your holidays!

doggybloggy said...


ayamlin said...

* Marina!
Hi Marina!
Thank you for everything;)
Christmas is over.
but we have new year's holiday!
Have a lovely holiday!

* doggybloggy
Merry Christmas, doggybloggy!