Saturday, December 05, 2009

almost perfect holiday


In the morning I had the wash machine fixed.
They got back and it was time to be relaxed! I lay down on the floor in the living room.
And I played Ella Fitzgerald and started to read a book.
It was raining.
My husband made coffee.
Almost perfect!
All that’s missing is that I’m not at an old café in America.
I wanna be spending calm time now. It’s almost perfect holiday!


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, sometimes to spend calm time with a good book and a pleasant music is such a good thing indeed!
Have a great Sunday! :-)

ayamlin said...

Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your calm and kind comment:)
Have a great Sunday, you too, Pietro!

Maria said...

Sometimes the weekend is like a holiday :) Have a nice week ahead, Aya! Hugs, Maria

Marina said...

I know that feeling Aya!!! Every Sunday afternoon after lunch when we sit near the fire place and my dearest hubby makes the most perfect coffee in the world!!!

By the way, your present was perfect!! Thanks a lot!!! My daughter made sandwiches for us all and she really enjoyed it! We did too! I'll e-mail you some photos as soon as possible!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you Maria!
Tonight it's so cold in Tokyo.
How about your city?
Have a lovely weekend:)

Hi Marina!
Thank you Marina!
I like spending relaxing time at home in holidays:)
By the way I'm so happy you and your family enjoyed making sandwiches:)
I have the same tool as you:)
Have a wonderful holiday:)

Ferreira-Pinto said...

Ella Fitzgeral seems the perfect soundtrack for that smelling cup of coffee!

jeannette stgermain said...

I guess you lived in America at one time?