Wednesday, November 11, 2009



I went to learn calligraphy for the first time.
Though I’ve been interested in calligraphy, I hadn’t learned it yet.
I borrowed books about it at the library and checked out schools.
But I don’t have enough money to learn it since I’ve learned other things.
This time it was very lucky to learn it not to pay much money.
It was easy to draw it more than I imagined even if it’s just a hobby.
Italic letter that I learned this time is kind of easy and it was good for beginners. I really enjoyed doing it.
So I wanna do it in my relaxing time.
All people who took part in the lesson were calm and kind.
Everybody enjoyed doing it also communicating to each other.
I was able to spend comfortable time in the afternoon in holiday.
I'm looking forward to take next lesson and I'll practice it from now on.


Marina said...

What an unusual and awesome hobby! We look alike! We both like to learn many things!

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
calligraphy is very interesting!
I wanna keep at it:)

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, in fact calligraphy inspires with peace and tranquillity, it's really a nice hobby!

Maria said...

Calligraphy is a really nice hobby. I think you are talented!
Best wishes from Vienna!
Hugs, Maria

Maria said...

Dear Aya,
thank you for your nice comment on my blog, I'm glad you like Vienna in Autumn, too :)
I am surprised that you noticed that I have lost some weight again (4 kilos in the last 4 weeks). Well, how did I do it?
I had a bioenergetic analysis made (see wikipedia and I had to omit all food containing sugar, yeast, vinegar, flavour enhancers, also alcohole, and lost kilos. Now I make a diet against cow milk allergy and eat no food containing cow milk, and I have again lost 1 kg (=2pounds) within the fist week. I bake my own bread and read a lot about nutrition and wholefood. VERY interesting!
And, I do a lot of physical exercises, gymnastics, jazz dance, walking, and the result is that I have so much more energy now!
Thank you again for asking me, and have a nice week, my dear!

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! About your question, my painting "Contemplation" is an oil on canvas 50x70cm, of some years ago.
The weather here is quite warm, it's possible to go out just with a jacket. I'm glad my post about the flowery meadows made you bright!
Have a very nice day!

jeannette stgermain said...

Very beautiful! I always wanted to try out calligraphy, but never got to it!