Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cherry blossoms after a dream


WBC was over. So I felt like waking up from my dream.
When I waked up from it, cherry blossoms are starting blooming.
Isn’t it really fantastic!?
This weekend it’s the best time to go and see cherry blossoms.
Unfortunately I have to go to work even on Saturday.
But I jogged while seeing cherry blossoms at the park near my house after work.
The cherry blossoms are not in full bloom but I enjoyed jogging while listening to
Mamma mia under cherry blossoms.
By the way this picture is cherry blossoms that I saw when I jogged last Saturday.
The blue sky and pale pink is so beautiful!


Maria said...

It is really extremely beautiful! Lucky you! You may jog under cherry blossoms! We will have this here in a week or two, warmer temperatures are on their way now!
Oh, I am VERY busy at the moment, we are organizing a conference for about 130 persons and we are only a very small office. But on Saturday it's over and I'l have a week off! :))
Have a nice weekend, dear Aya, I really envy you for your beautiful cherry trees!

Naturegirl said...

The cherry blossom is a sure sign of Spring if I were at home in Canada..I have two trees that would be in blossom right about now!
I am in Arizona escaping my countries ((COLD)) winter and am enjoying all the blossoms here in the Arizona deserts!I'm pleased to know that you saw what I've been posting!
I would be honored to have you link me to your blog! I look forward to our visits! :)NG

Anette said...

Ah, just beautiful! Bet they smell good as well?

Maria said...

Dear Aya, thank you for your sweet words! It would be so nice to sit together under the cherry blossoms and have a chat together! All I can do is to take a picture of the cherry blossoms here (so many of the trees come from Japan, you would not believe it!) and post it for you :)))
Have a nice weeked!

Maria said...

Your photo is soooo beautiful! We have a really warm weekend ahead and soon we have cherry blossoms too! *Sigh*!

Mimi said...

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Your shot make them more beautiful..

antigoni said...

Great photo, Aya. Enjoy your weekend.

Pietro said...

Wonderful shaded image, Ayamlin!
Have a very good weekend!