Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring has come!


My husband made sour sweet pork on the previous day of girl’s day.
But I couldn’t eat it since had already dinner.
On the following day I worked overtime and it became our main dish for dinner.
I’ ve been really busy at work.
But I have full energy now.
I’m feeling really nice.


Anette said...

that looks soo good! He treated you well!

Pietro said...

The dish seems delicious, Ayamlin!
Have a good week ahead!

antigoni said...

Your hubby is a great cook. This plate looks very tasty.

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Hi Anette!
Thank you for saying that:)
Have a nice week :)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
I'm pleased you said so:)
Have a wonderful week:)

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
I'll go over your blog tomorrow!

marina said...

How sweet is this! Today I went to Athens and I saw a Japaness couple and I thought of you! I hope I'll meet you some day!

Maria said...

Hallo Aya, your husband seems to be a very good cook, too! The food looks delicious and my husband wanted to know immediately what the yellow fruit on the meat was and what the white things on the salad are :))
Oh sometimes I am very tired after work, sometimes it is a consequence of working too hard for too long a period, and sometimes it is when everything is strained, the relationship with my colleagues and our boss, which also happens sometimes.
Sometimes I thought about quitting my job, but only as a relief, because sometimes times are better and sometimes they are worse.
Maybe the economic crises makes the climate in many companies more stressed and people lose a lot of energy.
Wow, which of your photos did win a price? Congratulations!
Have a nice week!

ayamlin said...

marina and Maria

thank you for supporting me always.
I'm pleased I saw you guys on the blog.
I wish I met you at a cafe this weekend and I wanna talk with you.