Friday, March 20, 2009

Mamma Mia !


Last Wednesday I went to movies to see Mamma Mia with my sister.
We had thought nobody was there but it was fully packed.
We sat on the seat of the third row and enjoyed seeing powerful visuals in the front of the screen.
In the first place I was gonna enjoy myself. So I sang songs shaking my body like live concerts!
A little foreign kid who sat diagonally forward left waved to the screen.
We wanted to stand up and dance with actresses but nobody did that since Japanese people are shy. So we couldn’t do it.
My sister looked impressed and said “ I couldn’t stand sitting there. Don’t you want to dance? “ to me.
After getting home I sang songs while seeing you tube.
Speaking of which, why western old men and old women are soooo cooooool?
They’re completely bright and really energetic. They look like truly living.
Everything is bright in this movie.
Meryl Streep also her friends are sooooooooo COOOL!
Of course Pierce Brosnan is really HOOOOOT! You know he was Bond in movies before.
I wanna live brightly like them. Even if I was worried about something, I wanna live optimistically. I got the movie soundtrack.
Next time I’ll get the DVD and see it in the small home theater at my sister’s house while drinking and dancing!
By the way this is a restaurant in Whistler.
I really like completely bright western people.


Maria said...

Hi Aya, unfortunately I did not see Alley McBeal. But I loved to watch Dame Edna Everage's talkshow very much when it was broadcasted in Europe for a long time.
On youtube there are highlights of her show, and wikipedia gives some info about the Australian comedian Barry Humphries who played Dame Edna's character.
I just looked up Mamma Mia on youtube and I immediately loved the joyful ABBA songs and the beautiful actors and settings of this movie. I can well imagine that you could not sit still on your stool and that you will watch the DVD again and again at home with your sister, singing and dancing and having so much fun together!
Happy weekend, Aya! Hugs, Maria

SandyCarlson said...

I saw this movie with my daughter. I think what struck me about the Meryl Streep generation in it was their self-confidence and self-acceptance. They weren't super model perfect; they were real, and that made them all the more appealing and oh so attractive.

By the way, I haev not read the book you mentioned. I will look for it.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, this is a very joyful post. I have read it with great pleasure and some happiness has been conveyed to me! :-)

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Oh, you haven't seen Alley! Probably you can enjoy seeing it. Because Alley is a lower.
Your job is related her job:)
I saw articles about him( or her?ahaha) on wikipedia,too!
and I saw youtube! but unfortunately I coudln't listen to his some words.
reading English is easier than listening to English!
by the way do you use English in your usual life?
I hardly use it. I wanna use it but I don't have oportunity to use it.

* SandyCarlson
Hi Sandy!
I totally agree with you:)
Yes, there're not perfect. but they're so cool!
This movie made me very happy. and I wanna get old like them:)
by the way everybody danced while seeing this movie in US?

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you so much for saying that!
I'm really happy you said do:)
Thank you Pietro!

Anette said...

Its a mystery, I haven't seen this post!? But I'll comment on it now: I totally agree with you about this film. Its a feelgood film with capital F. I saw it 5 times at the cinema. Twice when I went to Greece in September with my sister, we were at one of the locations in the film, so that was fun! Meryl Streep is the coolest!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.