Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is it good? or bad?


Last week there was a pleasant thing last week.
My picture win a prize at a contest of my company.
My company is using my picture for some poster or something.
I’ve liked seeing pictures and drawings since a student but I didn’t use to be interested
in taking pictures. I started taking pictures since I started posting blog.
It was good to enjoy taking pictures easily.
By the way this is branch last Sunday.
I used to eat bread for breakfast. These days I eat rice for breakfast once a while.
Probably I can save household fees and it’s low in calories.
But I have to clean more dishes than when we eat bread. So I wanna cut down dishes
as possible as I can. So I got plates that have gap.
On the other day I said an older woman who works after getting married “ You’re great.
Because you work also do house works hard.”
Then she said “ I quit making dinner on week days. Why don’t you do that? It’ would be
very good for you. “ to me.
It’s OK for her. But I don’t wanna do it…..
I wanna work kind of hard but also do house work kind of hard.
Put it better, valance is good butput it worse, I’m not a real career woman.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's really a great satisfaction for you that your company uses a nice picture of yours for posters. Taking photos is a very good thing indeed. Many years ago, with the negatives, it was interesting too, but a bit complicated because of the development and the print.
Have a fine day!

marina said...

Dear Aya you'll find by yourself what you want to do about houseworks. In my country most women who work employ other women to do their houseworks. So they don't work at home a lot and they have time for themselves and their family. But can you do that? Is it in your idea about life?

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment as usual.
I can't draw also make something artistic.
but I can take pictures:)
I wanna various pictures from now on, too:)
Have a wonderful week, Pietro:)

* marina
Hi marina!
Oh, I wish I lived in your coutry.
There aren't people who hire housekeepers around me.
It might be sooooo goooood if housekeeper is at my house sometimes.
If I look for them, I can find them.
but probably it might cost high....