Monday, March 16, 2009

I like people


How's your life going?
Recently I've been busy at work.
Sometimes I feel down and sometimes I have a full energy.
Sometimes I thank to people at work and sometimes people at work annoy I think.
Relationships are annoying sometimes but relationships are very fun.
There are lot of things in life.
And even if you live in other countries, it's the same as me.
I found out it after reading maria's comment.
Thank to Maria.
by the way maria, this picture wins at work:)


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I also think that relationships sometimes are annoying: it depends on the people and... on the day!
About your questions, "Lady Chapel" means a Chapel of the Virgin Mary; as regards skiing, now I don't go to ski because at the moment I'm completely out of training!

Anette said...

I think that without downs we wouldn't have ups either, we would just be flat all the time. And being with people is the same!
Beautiful photo!

marina said...

We all have our "ups" and "downs"! Sometimes we feel stressed and we think that everything is black! Don't take any serious decisions during that time!They would be wrong for sure! Relax, think positive and something that makes you happy and then decide! And if you think that to be just a housewife it's easier you're wrong! Houses are "eating" housewives! The more you're in your house, the more you need to do housecleaning etc. So stay at your job and I'm sure that there are interesting things there that you like. Your photo shows how sensitive and romantic you are!

Maria said...

Ha, it IS the same...
Sometimes up sometimes down.
I love your cookies :)
Hugs, Maria
You are a darling!
Maybe once you really come to Vienna as a couch surfer :))

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
I have an image Italian people are easy-going and bright!
so it's easy and comfortable to communicate with them!
I like Italian people:)

* Anette
Hi Anette!
Thank you so much for your comment:)
Oh, your word is very nice.
I'll try to be flat:)

* marina
Hi marina!
Thank you so much for your comment:)
And thanks for teaching me about full-time house wives!
Yes, I often want to be a full-time house wife.
Because I have an image I can have much time to be relaxed.
but oh, yes.
on weekends I have to make lunch for me and my husband.
I don't have to do that on weekdays.
So you're right. the more I'm in my house, the more I need to do houseworks!
I'll work from now on, too:)
Thank you for your advice!

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your comment!
and thankyou for teaching me that it's the same all over the world.
You always support me:)
I appreciate it very much.
and I wanna go to Vienna soooon!

Maria said...

Aya, I have not yet commented on your picture which won at work!
I think it is so beautiful, with the soft candle light, the nice food, everything so nicely arranged on the board - congratulations, Aya, it is really woderful :)))