Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sky Watch Friday +++ The best song of Michael Jackson*


My Japanese friend posted an article about her favorite Michael’s song to mourn Michael.
So I said “ Count me in!”
After him passing away I found many people were fans of him more than I thought.
People talked about only his strange acting and suspicions like gossips and
I didn’t know who was fan of his.
I’m more than willing there is a lot of fan more than I imagined but I wanted to tell him it before him dead.
The best his song for me is “ Man in the mirror “.
When I listen to the song, I’m impressed also the song soothes me but I get excited.
I wrote something about it before on this blog.
Speaking of being impressed, it’s not only his song but also his dance!
We can see his great dance in “ Billie Jean” also “ Beat it “
But the most wonderful dance I think is his dancing in “ Smooth Criminal “.
This videoclip is really long like a movie. So there are not many people who saw all.
There are some scenes that Michael danced with criminals in this story and he is SO cool in it.
I have a video tape and I hope I copy my damaged video tape to DVD well.
His songs are not special songs for me and his songs are songs that I just wanna listen to.
I listen to them everyday.
I copied his songs on mp3 player that I got for my husband getting rid of his stress. And my sister has man in the mirror that I copied for her on the car. So I listen to it when I'm on her car.
I listened to his songs yesterday also and I'm gonna listen to it tomorrow, too. Michael passed away but he lives in my heart I think.
Which song do you like the most ?

Happy sky watch Friday


Louise said...

Nice sky. I agree with you about the fans. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork now. I wasn't a fan before or after. I don't think the death of someone should change my status. I like your point of view!

Pietro said...

Beautiful Sky Watch, Ayamlin.
I've always appreciate Michael Jackson but never been a fan. I agree with you, his nice songs will remain with us.
Have a good day! :-)

ayamlin said...

* Louise
Hi Louise!
Thank you for your comment and email!!
I'm so happy to find them!
I hadn't gone to Michael's concert but I really loved him.
Because he was very gentle.
when he came to Japan long time before, he gave a Japanese child his concert .
Because he was kidnapped and killed. Michael felt so sad for the boy and he did it for the boy.
many japanese were impressed and got interested in him.

* Pietro
Hello Pietro!
Thank you for your comment:)
I really loved him and his songs.
What are Italian people saying about his death and him?

Pietro said...

Michael Jackson is famous and greatly appreciated here: Italian people are very sad for his untimely death.

ayamlin said...


Hi Pietro
thank you for telling me.
I'm so pleased to hear that!

Maria said...

Dear Aya,
glad you visited my blog! yes, I'm still on diet, but I'm only trying to eat less so that I lose some weight slowly.
I'm impressed that Vienna won the ranking! But the city is really nice! :)
Have a nice weekend!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
losing weight slowly is the best:)
Have a lovely weekend:)