Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer festival in Japan


Many summer festivals must’ve been held at various places in Japan last Saturday.
I went to an annual festival near my parents’ house with my family.
We know the annual event but it was our first time to joint it.
I went to my parents’ house in the evening and I went jogging with my sister’s
family and my mother.
My mother and my sister’s husband ran fast in front of sister and me.
I didn’t have energy and jogged with my sister slowly after them.
But when we got to the middle of the course, my sister started running fast.
I jogged after her. Then I heard the sound of fast footsteps behind me.
I thought my sister’s husband tried to beat me and turned around.
And it was not my sister’s husband it was a small old man!
He looked serious and beat me.
After a while I caught up him and beat him.
When we almost got to the goal, I heard fast footsteps again.
I thought it was my sister’s husband this time around.
But it was the old man again!
He must’ve not wanted to lose. After getting the goal I cracked up.
After jogging my mother cooked right away and we went to the summer festival
with fried noodle and boiled corn that she cooked. We didn't imagine it but we were
able to get seats easily and started to drinking together.
I drink a lot when I'm outside.
I was so excited with songs of Michael and drank while laughing.
My sister's husband danced like moon walk and my mother drank more than usual and
got a little bit tipsy and laughed easily.
My sister rapped towel like sheep that Korean do it when they go to sauna.
Everybody enjoyed spending time at the night.
By the way we enjoyed it at parents' house after it.
My sister and her husband danced like moon walk again.
This weekend there is the annual fabulous fire works exhibition.
I'll drink a lot again!


Pietro said...

What a nice post, Ayamlin!
I've read it with great pleasure. Very funny when you write about the small old man who didn't want to loose! The firework you are going to see next week must be interesting. Here at Rapallo, a village on the sea in Liguria region, there are three days of fireworks one hour every night: 1, 2, 3 July.
Ayamlin, what do you like to drink? Wine or beer? ;-)
About your question, I think the break for lunch in the big building of the photo, as in all the public offices, is about one hour.
Have a very good week ahead!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you very much for reading my blog also your fun comment:)
The old man has white hair.
Probably he is around 70!
fire works on the sea must be beautiful!! I wanna see them!
Do you go and see them every year?
by the way I like red wine and cassis. Japanese people get drunk easier than Western people.
I heard Western people have something to break alcohol in their body more than Japanese.
Pietro, thank you for answering.
my lunch time is also about an hour. Oh, I had thought all Italian people have much lunch time!!

Louise said...

It sounds like a fun night. It is a funny story about the man jogging!