Friday, July 17, 2009

the best lunch time


Yesterday I went out in lunch time by myself not the same as usual.
I eat something with female and male colleague for lunch usually.
But some troubles happen in my division. So I wanna be alone once a while.
I’d be tired if I listen to worries from various people and make sure everyone got along.
On the day it was really hot and in the park there were only few people even though
in spring there were too many people there.
On the bench few business men sat like me.
A man smoked and a man was relaxed while closing his eyes.
Nobody doesn’t need to talk and every body go to own worlds.
I sat on a bench under the tree.
I ate curry and rice that my husband cooked last Sunday slowly.
Nice winds were blowing.
Even though it was hot, I was really comfortable.
I drank cold tea and after eating I started to read a book.
Actually the title was “ the worst “ but you can’t stop reading it.
The title was “ the worst “ but the lunch time was the best!
By the way this picture was cherry blossoms in the park last spring.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, what a joyful picture, with those nice white flowers!
Here it's very hot as well. Tomorrow I'll go to the mountains to see the woodcarvers at work and refresh myself a bit!
Happy weekend! :-)

Marina said...

My dearest friend, thanks for everything, wishes and special presents! I couldn't imagine a year ago that I would have such a good and supporting friend from the distant Japan!!! Something from me is on its way to Japan! I hope it'll help you as it has helped me to beat my problems!
Love and kisses...

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures that you took on the mountains:)
Have a wonderfuk weekend*

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Thank you for your message:)
I'm more than willing you got well.
I'm feeling the same as you.
one year ago I couldn't imagine I had a good friend in Greece.
I'm so happy I met you on the blog.
Thanks to marina!

Louise said...

THat lunch sounds like the best. The cherry blossoms are incredible!

ayamlin said...

* Louise
Hi Louise!
Thank you Louise.
so glad you said so:)

niar said...

hi Ayamlin, It's nice to see you again. anyway, your wrote is seems truly from your deepen heart. Sometimes we indeed need a time for our own self. Make a time to enjoy ourselves and comprehend somethings in our life's happen. So we can create a comfort for body and mind...
your pict is also joyful. keep make a great pict ^-^

Marina said...

I'm glad you liked your presents.I'll be at your living room from now on! I wish they bring you something blessed, everything that your sole and heart desires...

ayamlin said...

* Niar
Hi Niar!
it's been a long time!
I'll go to your blog later:)

Hi Marina!
Thank you for your kindness!
I'm gonna email you later!

SandyCarlson said...

Those blossoms are beautiful. Sometimes I think it is best to be alone, away from the nonsense that amounts to nothing but somehow drives others' lives. You made a good choice to be alone.

Anette said...

Lovely photos! Sometimes we just need some time by ourselves. Just sitting there in your own little world, I love that too!

ayamlin said...

* Sandy
Hi Sandy!
I'm pleased you agree with that:)
having lunch break by myself is good once a while:)

* Anette
Hi Anette!
I'm pleased you love that, too:)
Yes, sometimes we need being alone;)