Friday, June 26, 2009

I just can't stop lovong you


Michael Jackson passed away.
I really love him.
When I liked him, I was in high school.
He was already a super star. But I hadn’t listened to his songs.
After seeing a TV program about a episode when he came to Japan I started to get interested in him.
I had thought he was so gentle and thoughtful when I heard a boy was kidnapped and killed by someone and Michael said “ I wanna give him this concert as my sympathy. “ in his concert in Japan.
He spoke gently like whispering and his stage was fabulous I thought when I saw his concert on a video over and over.
He had various rumors.
He treated cynically and laughed the rumors and made a video clip of his song named “ leave me alone “
The video clip is animation and very funny.
For instance he introduced a rumor that he had bones of elephant man and palace of Elizabeth Taylor in the video clip.
He was a superstar. That’s why many people criticized him and he was got into some incidences .
Media treated him as a super star but also sometimes a strange person.
A person in a book that I read few days ago said “ People have mouth to say the worst thing
that other people don’t want someone to say to other people. “ in the book.
Michael who loves children and who was children ever after didn’t want people to say the most would be abusing children. I hadn’t seen him and even gone to his concert. But every time the media reported bad rumors about him, I was worried about him because he had a sensitive heart.
We can’t listen to his new songs also he can’t perform singing also dancing in his concert anymore.
I’m really sad as a fan.
But anybody couldn’t hurt him and he will be happy he went to the heaven where there are a lot of fun things.
I hope he becomes happy in the heaven.
By the way this picture is changing leaves and a bubble.
His soul must fly in the comfortable sky now.


antigoni said...

I liked him as a singer and performer. He was a child inside until his death. I don't think he had a happy life as a child. His father look so cruel. He had difficult life and he wanted to be loved. Even after his death his family and many more people will take advantage of his name and money. This is very sad. But i think that the way he treated himself wasn't the nicest. Everyone must accept himself the way God made him and not to try to play God and change the way he look. When we accept ourselves we find peace inside us. That's something Jackson didn't have. I hope he finds his peace now.

ayamlin said...

+ antigoni
Hi antigoni!
Thank you for your comment.
I partially agree with you.
because I don't know what his father likes.
Michael was a star since he was five years old.
so he didn't have common life.
So we're completely difference.
when he came to Japan for the first time, I knew he was a really nice person.
That's why I started listening to his songs.
Yes, I hope he lives happily in the heaven!