Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tokyo Marathon 2011*


Last Sunday the fifth Tokyo marathon was held in Tokyo.
My mother ran the race fifth times and I cheered her for fifth times.
This year I’m pregnant. So I was wondering if I went there for her.
But Tokyo marathon’s system was changed and people who paid much money could
participated in the race or could entry before other people next Tokyo marathon.
So my mother might not be able to participate in it next year and I decided to go there for her.
My sister asked her husband to take care of her son and she went to Ginza with me
before at noon.
There were many people who cheered runners for there and those people has increased.
I found out that this marathon became one of famous festivals for everyone.
When we waited for mother around Kyobashi, we saw two Japanese famous celebrities.
Then mother appeared!
We cheered for her loudly and took her pictures. And then sister ran while saying “ Keep at it! “
and I just walked to near the station.
We took the train and waited for her again around in Toyosu. Then we found her again!
Sister ran and I walked along the course again.
Every year mother gets old but she can run the full marathon for 4 and a half hours.
Is our mother great, or what?
I haven’t imagined the older you get, the less the physical strength decreases.
It’s a relief my mother finished running the full marathon safe and sound.
Someday I wanna run Tokyo marathon but only cheering for my mother is fun.
I want my mother to participate in Tokyo marathon next year, too.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, surely it's fun cheering for your mother! You will take part in the future Tokyo marathons, won't you?
Have a nice day :-)

Kay said...

Please congratulate your mom for us. We've been hearing about how there are so many people wanting to run in the Tokyo Marathon that there is not enough space and a lottery system had to be put in place. No wonder over 60% of our Honolulu Marathon are runners from Japan. It worries me to have my husband run in the hot sun over here. You should have seen the costumes a lot of the Japanese runners wore at our Marathon.

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
yes, I'll win the lottely to take part in Tokyo marathon:)
Have a good sunday, Pietro:)

* Kay
Hi Kay!
Thank you for your nice words for my mother.
I'll tell my mother your word!
yes, it's hard to win the lottely of it!
I ran Honolulu marathon about five years ago. it's fun to run full marathon and people in Hawaii were very kind for us.
I was so impressed!
I hope tokyo marathon becomes a good event like Honolulu marathon.
I think there are a lot of things that much needs to be improved in!