Monday, March 28, 2011

there was a usual day in the west of Japan+


At night on 17th of March my husband and I made a decision to take a day and a half day off
and go to see his grandmother in the hospital all of sudden.
We left Tokyo and went to Nagoya where is in the west of Japan.
Getting there, there was time as usual.
Around at 11:30 many businessmen walked to the station after going drinking
Bright lights sparkled there and people enjoyed spending time as usual.
They talked about something and shot the breeze, laughed while walking.
I was relieved in the crowd.
We got to the hotel around at midnight.
I went to the top floor to soak in hot right away spring when I got there.
I washed my hair and body and I stretched my legs in the large bathtub. And then I went to the bathtub outside.
I met a local young woman there and talked with her for a while.
She works in the railway.
And she said “ Many customers want to go to the north of Japan to find their relatives.”
to me. She talked about people in Nagoya after the earthquake.
I told her how shocked I was and the atmosphere in Tokyo. The talking soothed me
and I was gonna cry even though my house wasn’t broken by this earthquake.
Needless to say, spending simple normal usual days is really happy, I thought.
I hope we get back such a usual day as soon as possible.
My husband and I liked the north of Japan.
I’m gonna work on everybody getting back the usual days, work hard and pay tax for
our country being able to help people and Japanese economy not slowing.
I never forget the bitterness even after few years and I’ll help them as possible as I can.
By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took at Kofuku-temple in Nara.


Kay said...

We're all thinking about Japan right now, Aya. I'm glad you were able to get away and spend an almost normal day, away from it all. It's good to have some peace and quiet for your baby.

jeannette said...

It's good with a disaster like this to share our feelings -we get comfort from it, and it helps us to go on with life.
Not long and your baby will be born -it's okay to start thinking about that:):)

Evita said...

Still thinking about all of you a lot! In tragedies like these, people get closer and find relief in each other company. I'm glad you had a peaceful time and I hope things will get smoother for everyone..

Anette said...

I am so impressed with the way you think Ayamlin, I think the Japanese way of thinking is very responsible and with a lot of solidarity! I am proud to have a blogging friend in Japan!

Pietro said...

I'm so glad that in spite of the terrible disaster you've been able to spend a normal day in Nagoya. You are very positive, Ayamlin, your strength is amazing. Like Evita, I'm thinking about you and your family a lot!

Marina said...

I'm very proud of you!!! I knew that Japanese were sensitive and respectfull but now I can see it in action! You don't give up, quite the opposite...You fight to make the things like they used to be!!! We can't stop thinking about you...Please let me know that you're ok and once more if you need anything I'll be happy to sent it to you!!!