Friday, April 01, 2011

worried about radioactive materila but I wanna value precious time to be pregnant


Time flies and the stork arrives in 3 months.
My bump became big and I became anemic and I managed to stand there with an umbrella.
Then I fainted suddenly without knowing.
I can run full marathon and I have confidence about stamina.
Even I faint suddenly during pregnancy, I found out having a baby in the womb is really tough for the mother again.
The trains don’t run as usual because of saving on electricity. That’s why it’s really packed in the train-cars even when I get on them between 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock.
I’m scared if my bump is pressed there.
So I save some space for my bump with my arms and protect it.
Getting to the stations, most escalators don’t work for saving on electricity and you have to go up the stairs many times.
Every time when I go up the stair, I have to stop walking not to become anemic.
Even I b I’m become anemic, I’m gonna miss being pregnant.
I’ve been thinking I gotta value this special fabulous time.
These days are different from before in Tokyo.
Most lights are off on the signs and billboards and one streetlight out of two streetlights is off.
It’s dark in the street more than before.
But I’m getting used to it and on the other hand I think it was too much bright before.
Everyday I see the notice that says “ one per person “ at the grocery store after work.
But yogurt and other various food is gone already because people got them by night.
So I can’t seem to get food that I want.
But I make some efforts to get a lot of nutrition as possible as I can.
I do it for my baby not for me.
But it means, you can say my baby protects my body.
Thinking of it, I can't stop loving my baby.
Now the amount of radioactive material is 5.63 Bq/kg in the tap water.
It's less than the moment when it was raining.
But it's more than the amount of it when a week passed after this earthquake.
The amount of it was 1.47 Bq/kg.
If it was 300 Bq/kg, you can't drink tap water.
So I think it's OK to drink it but I'm worried about it because babies are tiny.
asking mothers who have kids about it, they don't give their kids tap water.
Reading the information of Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it says “At the current moment when pregnant and breast-feeding women drink lightly polluted tap water everyday,
it’s not health damage for mother and baby. But fetus and infant could be susceptible to
radioactive material and the less they’re damaged by it, the better it is for them.
So if you could get drink instead of tap water, you should better drink it. “
I’ve been thinking I gotta get used to drinking tap water contained radioactive material.
But I can’t seem to drink it. It takes more time to enjoy drinking hot miso soup made from tap water.


Kay said...

Can you order that bottled water service? That's what our good friend in Tokyo is doing right now just to be on the safe side. I'm so sorry you've got this worry on your hands. Enjoy your pregnancy and your sleep because once your baby is born, you'll be tired from having to wake up at night. I'm glad your mother is close by to help.

jeannette said...

Yes, Aya, bottled water seems safer right now since your baby is still so tiny. Then you don't have to worry:)
Tell your hubby to get the food and drink you need (it may go against your cultural way of doing things, but your hubby would want a healthy baby too!)
Take care:)

Kay said...

Hi again Aya. Thank you very much for your kind offer to help Frances find her missing relatives on Twitter. I just posted this comment on my post in answer to yours:
"I know Frances would love your help. My cousin, Masako tried but said their phone number was probably unlisted. When she looked at the website I posted, there were too many people with the same name. Frances also tried and found 50 Masataka Suzukis on Facebook. I had no idea it was such a common name. Perhaps you can have better luck on your Twitter account?"

Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I hope you have a good Sunday, take care of yourself :-)

Marina said...

Ι agree with the girls saying about bottle water! Take care of yourself and your baby! I can't stop thinking of you and the radiation!!! Has your doctor given you something about it? Difficult days will pass and finally only bad memories will stay....
I always pray about you......

Evita said...

Hi girly! Glad to see you are doing ok despite everything..On the water issue, I would go for bottled water too. Even here in Belgium I only drink bottled water and do the same for the kids. It is an expense but a necessary one if it protects you and your baby. Big hugs xxx

Cheryl said...

Hi! I have come here via my Aunt Jean's blog, Molly's Folks Down Under. I wish you the very best during the rest of your pregnancy and will keep you in my thoughts.