Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry blossoms, Japan, Hope*


Cherry blossoms are more beautiful when you see them at night.
It looks like a sexy mysterious woman.
In Japan we say there is a female body under the cherry blossoms and that’s why they look
mysteriously beautiful.
Springs come, I think “ Is Japan attractive, or what? “
Coz when cherry blossoms bloom is the hottest news in springs.
Anyone know such a country around the world there is?
But this spring I hardly heard such news.
Every news program announces news about Fukushima nuclear plants.
That's too bad.
I hope things are getting well and such a terrible crisis doesn’t happen again.

Now a little bit strong earthquake is hitting here!!


Kay said...

Oh no. Not again! I was hoping it would stop shaking. Please take good care of yourself, Aya. I do love the cherry blossoms in Japan. I especially love the hanafubuki.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, the cherry blossoms in Japan are fabulous! I hope you are well and you can have a good weekend.

Jean said...

Your photo of the cherry blossoms at night is spectacular, Ayamlin. Really lovely. It's so sad that such a beautiful time of year in Japan is overshadowed by the nuclear power plant crisis. Enjoy those cherry blossoms nonetheless, please.

Evita said...

Fantastic picture! So beautiful..
Hope you're well..Heard you had another earthquake in Tokyo.

Big hugs!

Steve said...