Saturday, April 16, 2011

One happy cherry blossoms-night


I went to see cherry blossoms with an attractive person to Chidorigafuchi.
We enjoyed seeing them while eating a sandwich and some bread.
We shot the breeze and talking about something while taking a walk about for two hours.
I totally forgot the worry of radioactive materials.
It was one of happy night during the crisis.


Kay said...

That's one thing we did not do while we were in Japan in spring of last year. Seeing the cherry blossoms at night must feel almost magical. Well, we shall have to go back to Japan for sure next year. My mother says everybody looks even more beautiful when they are under a cherry blossom tree.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, cherry blossoms are always so attractive! I really hope you can have more happy nights like that one.
Have a nice Wednesday!

Emille said...

I am happy for you, like Pietro said, hope you have more (because, you are going to be a mom:):) )
Bytheway, you know me as Jeannette St.G. (my blog Mysteries), but a started this new one as Emille -I am the same person!

Maria said...

In Vienna, the Japanese cherry trees are also fully blooming! Have a nice and relaxed weekend, dear Aya! We celebrate Easter holidays this weekend and we visit our relatives and eat a lot of eggs :)