Wednesday, April 06, 2011

clean green vegetables after a while


Tonight I ate a lot of green vegetable for dinner after a week or more.
My-father-in law sent me many vegetables that he grew at the garden.
I cut the all leaves of Daikon and fried them in the pan.
I bit some thick stems of it while frying them.
I fried all of them and put most of them in freezer. And I fried a few rice with some of them
and soy sauce.
I cut some radish on the cutting board while cooking and bit them.
Adding a drop of mineral water and broccoli in the pan and I put the cover on it.
I steamed it not boil it.
Vegetables that my father-in-law sent me are not contained radioactive materials.
So it would be waste to boil them with lightly polluted tap water.
These days I try to cook without tap water.
For instance when I make croquettes., I didn’t boil potato and steamed it in the
microwave. Plus when I cook pumpkin, I put some mineral water and pumpkin in the pan and
put the head on it. I hardly use water to cook various food.
I make some efforts to cook with only a small amount of mineral water not to be stressed out.
I kind of gave up getting used to drinking tap water contained radioactive material.


Kay said...

I see that you eat daikon leaves, too. I was talking to some people here at the Farmers Market and they said they threw the leaves away. They don't realize how good it is to eat it. Beet leaves also have a lot of nutritional properties. My mother loves to stir fry daikon leaves. I'm glad to see you're able to eat very healthy for your baby.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's good that you use only mineral water, for the foods and also to drink. No tap water, it can be dangerous. I hope you are well, have a nice day :-)

Maria said...

Yes, you eat very healthy! Mineral water and vegetables from your parents in law! Could we also send you something from Austria what you could use? Best wishes and hugs, Maria