Tuesday, March 15, 2011

something that we have to think about


I took this picture on Sunday two weeks ago when I took a walk with my husband.
I can’t jog after getting pregnant. So I started to walk on weekends not to be out of shape.
Looking back, it was a scene of peaceful life.
Going out while saying “ We are going where? “, and we went to the opposite side as usual route. Then we found a plum glove park near the park and found a shrine we haven’t gone to.
My husband used not to pray but after me getting pregnant he started to pray.
On the way to park we found stone-roasted sweet potatos-seller-car. And we got a middle size of potato and shared it.
It tasted sweet and it was delish.
It was not much of a subtle day but I found out that living safe and sound is a very happy thing.
I don’t need any exciting.
So on this occasion we, at least Japan, should try to find other way of energy supply instead of nuclear plants.
We must chose inconvenient not convenient and safe of our lives.
I’ve read a Japanese mystery novel connected to the nuclear plants and I was able to find out the fear of it.
Why don’t we think about the nuclear plants.
And we want our thinking to change the safe of our lives.
I heard rescue teams from US, England, Korea, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia and France on the news.
Not only rescue teams also many people from other countries are cheering up us.
In my case not only Maria from Austria also Maria from Belgium and Kra-chan from Canada invite me every time when I make a decision.
Pharm-san from HK told me if I need something, he’ll send anything except diamonds.
I don’t forget to thank them and return the favor.


Cartonnage Creativo by Ada. said...

You are so right in all what you say!!!!!

ayamlin said...

* Ada
Thank you, Ada!
we, Japanese, don't have to waste of this opportunity!

jeannette said...

Ayamlin, ask your doctor, or nurse, or the pharmacy about the potassium-iodine pills. Your English (american) teacher also may be able to find out about where to get these pills. Keep up the faith that everything will turn out for the good:):)

antigoni said...

You're more than welcome to my country and my home if you decide to leave Japan because of the nuclear polution. I pray for you and all the Japanese. May God help you (all your nation)to overcome this tragedy.

Kay said...

My family in Sendai have moved back into their home. I hope the nuclear leak does not impact them right now. It's very scary. I was already looking at my house here and wondering if they'd like to come over, but I doubt they'd come. They have too much to take care of there, plus all their children and grandchildren.

Jean said...

Your post makes such valuable points: how the simple things in life, the everyday beauties, should not be taken for granted, and how we mustn't choose the easiest route if it's not the safest route, be it with nuclear power or anything else. Last night at a meeting of an organization I belong to, we voted to send a donation to the Red Cross to help with those in need in your country. The number of lives lost and the number needing help is staggering. I hope you are able to stay positive amidst all the sadness. I know it can't be easy. Please know the world is holding you close to our hearts.

ayamlin said...

* jeannette
Hi jeannette!
watching news on TV, I learned the potassium-iodine pills.
now we don't need it yet.
if the radioactivity reaches hundred thousand μSv, we'd better take it.
but now in Tokyo it reachs 0.070 μSv.
also it could debilitating effect on growth for babies and kids.
Thank you for your kindness!
BTW I hardly learn English now.....

* Antigoni
Hi Antigoni!
I'm so impressed.Thank you so much.
I'm a happy woman since you, your sister and Maria invite me to your home.
I never forget your kindness.
I never forget your warm heart!

ayamlin said...

* Kay
Hi Kay!
I'm glad your family were able to go back into their home.
Unfortunately finally four nuclear machines (1gouki 2gouki 3 gouki 4 gouki) have problems.
it doesn't become good.
but I wanna believe it becomes good soon.
I wanna go abroad, too.
but now I can't do it.
because I have to work to live and I don't throw away my job.
but if it becomes worst, I run away and throw away everything!

* Jean
Hi Jean!
Thank you so much for your warm words
your warm heart reaches me and I never forget your kindness ( also people in US).
I always never forget the world is holding us close to your hearts.
I definitely return the favor to people in all over the world.
Bible says " Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction."
we choose easy ways for everything.
we have to learn from this extraordinary accident.
we don't have to forget it.

Maria said...

Dear Aya, your words make me cry. I also hope the world will begin to "enter by the narrow gate". Hugs and love, Maria

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
thank you for everything.
you know I really appreciate it.
today it's a sunny day but cold.
I'm gonna take a train and go to the ward office now.
I wanna come home as soon as possible!

Pietro said...

You are so right, Ayamlin. I think the whole world should try to find other way of energy supply instead of nuclear plants. In Italy there is a hard battle about the nuclear power (for and against).
Take care of yourself, I hope you and your family are well.

Evita said...

My heart goes out to you, your family, your unborn baby and everyone in Japan. I've been to your wonderful country and as an outsider, I still can't believe all this suffering..

Be strong

Marina said...

Αya you must ask your doctor if you can take the medicine!
I can't understand why we still use nuclear energy if it's so risky nad dangerous for people's life!
I know it's very difficult for you to change your life and leave your country but please think of it if everything will be worse...
Do you need anything? Should I sent you something you desperately need? Please tell me if you need something...