Saturday, June 28, 2008


On the other day Ellieloving wrote comment " I make one dish for dinner
when I'm busy. Per say, Rice with chicken and egg in a bowl, rice omlet.
Remembering it, recently I haven't been making rice with something in a bowl.
I wanna eat it once a while. So I made it!
I want much vegetable and calcium. There is a lot of nutrition that I want.
" I'll make Bibimba! “
First I made soft boiled egg…….
I boiled spinach, fried it and cut carrot and I rubbed it with salt. And I fried bean sprout.
I made Namuru like that. And then I sprinkled powder of dried fish to fried beef.
Can I take vitamin and Calcium from it?
But eating it, it was a little strong.
I don't have a taste when I cook. I just imagine the taste.
So sometimes I can’t make it well.
My family stays healthy if my dishes are good for health.
So I felt sorry to my husband because of getting too much salt.
Sometimes it happens but it can’t be helped.
Anyway, what am I cooking for dinner tonight?

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