Saturday, June 28, 2008

I’m really into Kimutaku’s drama.
This drama is a kind of didactic story.
But I’m admired the young prime minister who tries to make a difference for a good
world. In the real world it’s not like the right thing that you think is right always.
And it’s not like justice prevails.
Putting that aside, I found out something when I saw the drama.
Everyone has tough time in life and the story about people who keep winning is not
The story about people who have lost the game, feel devastated and have tough time
becomes a real good drama.
I said “ It means I can be a heroin in a drama! We have to hang in there, right? “ to
my husband. And then he said “ I’m cheering you on! “ to me.
“ No! No! You have to hang in there with me. “
It’s like the ending of a comedy show by husband and wife comedian.
By the way this picture is something that I got from my friends.
Osuzu-san baked me scorn and some bread. The bread baked by her is always incredible.
I got CDs from mf-san. I’m pleased she teaches me music that I haven’t listened to.
And I got choco that mizutama-san got in Kobe and juicy tube from mizutama-san.
I wanna enjoy just seeing it. Because it’s very cute!

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