Friday, June 06, 2008


When I make dinner, my husband says “ Don’t bother making miso-soup for me. “ to me.When it’s a hassle making it or I don’t have time, I don’t make it.But I wanna eat miso-soup for dinner.Remembering dinner that my mother made, she always made miso-soup.When I was a child, I didn’t use to think that it was good. But I used to take for grandedthat I eat miso-soup for dinner without knowing.I haven’t forgot that my aunt said “ Don’t you make miso-soup for dinner? “ to me, whenshe made dinner at my grandmother’s house and it came as a surprise to me.I’m pleased when I eat miso-soup with rice.It’s because I’m Japanese, right?I wanna give the feelings and Japnese soul to my children in the future.By the way this picture is dinner that I had on the other day.On the day I didn’t have time. So I didn’t make miso-soup.Hijiki salad is salad that I bought at the basement of the department store.I hardly buy dishes that are sold at the the basement of the department store though.I bought it because I wanted to make the salad withbalsamic vinegar for it.But my husband didn’t like it!

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