Monday, June 16, 2008


Recently the pleasure thing when I watch TV is a comercial message of Nescafe.
Because my favorite auther called Shusaku Endo in on it.
The video is made by old image and modern image with the narration of dark voice.
I like it!
And the thing that I do a lot these days is pouring hot water on the cutting board
after boiling vegetables.
Many bacterias leave on the cutting board even if you just wash it.
You can kill most of them if you pour hot water on it.
It’s a hassle to boil water every time. So I sometimes boil them and sometimes use
the hot water after boiling vegetables.
You’d better not to get nervous with everything if you want your children to grow strongly.
I’m not a child though. Ahaha.
By the way this is dinner on the other day.
When I make various dishes for dinner, my husband often come home late.It might be a kind of rule?!

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