Friday, June 06, 2008


Last night I made Tuna and soap.My friend's birthday is coming soon.So I wanna get her the soap with something.Thinking about making soap, it’s very amazing to make soap from oil that you can buyat grocery stores. I pour a bottle of oil in the bowl.The oil in a bottle is less than I imagined.Caustic soda is one of materials for making soap. It’s a kind of dangerous drug.When you buy it in pharmacy, you need to bring your seal.When I make soap, I don’t wear mouth cover and globes. So pouring the Caustic soda inwater, my nose and hands feel kind of sting.I use the same type of bowl when I make soap. So I imagine how I gonna do if I drink it.If I make sumi or green colored soap, I might look like witch mixing something wired liquid?!I’ll make soap with the medicine that you can’t help loving me?!

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