Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Friday night I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. Hmm? Didn’t I go there aftera long time?! My husband who took a day off last Friday emailed me in the afternoon.He said “ Wanna go to a Korean BBQ restaurant? “ I said “ Why don’t you call my sister?”He said “ I already called her.”Actually I was in the mood to drink. So I ran there after working overtime.I’ve been having bad day. So I enjoyed drinking and had a blast.When I drank with them, I said “ What am I wanting something else even thoughI have a good family.? “ to myself.My ex-colleague that I talked about few days ago emailed me and he told me hegot divorced. He is not unhappy. Because he left his wife and he’s getting married toanother woman. But when I thought that his wife who works at the same companyis changing her last name, it reminded me that's just the way it is…..If I fell in love with another man, I couldn’t get divorce to my husband because of bondbetween my husband and me. Also nobody is suitable for a member of my family I think.I got it! Listen madams! The best way your husband doesn’t cheat is good family!?I was a little bit side tracked, I and my sister who drank a bottle of Shochu and got tipsystopped by a game center to go to the bathroom.We saw my sister’s husband there!We pointed each other like a Japanese comedian called “ Nabeatsu “ because we gotdrunk. We didn’t notice people’s eyes. But my husband couldn’t drink on the day.Because he got his tooth taken out. So he was embarrassed and said " Don't do thatin public! "My sister couldn’t stop laughing at the next establishment. I did funny things andMy sister’s husband and my husband enjoyed seeing it.We forgot real life for a while and enjoyed drinking at the night.By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took in New Caledonia.Is it like Italian drawings or the picture that God and angels look down me from the sky?I’m imagining God looks down me while touching his white moustache and saying “ Aya isn’t good at living. boo-hoo-hoo.”

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