Saturday, December 13, 2008

something from a country that has the very blue sea and white houses


I got something from a friend called marina for my birthday and Christmas.
She is Greek and I met her on the blog.
Greece is a country where I haven’t been to. When I was in elementary school, I learned
Polis, Socrates and something about this country.
Greece reminds me very blur sea and white houses.
Greece is one of countries where I want to go to someday.
Haruki Murakami wrote about Greece in an essay called “A Distant Drum “
Greece is the attracitve country and you can eat fresh good cuttlefish.
This necklace is something from the distance country.
I’ll value it!
By the way this sweets in this picture are Melba toast.
I saw a friend from college last night and I got it from her!


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, Gouter de Roi means Snack of Kings: those sweets must be really good!
I also would like to see Greece.
Have a great week ahead!

ayamlin said...

Hi Pietro!
thank you for your kind comment:)
Probably you can go to Greece only for few hours.
So I'm jealous of you!
Have a nice week ahead:)

niar said...

hi aya,
Greece also one of the place I've been dreamin to go. I have seen the movie that show the beauty of Greece.
anyway, its really nice gift....have a close friend and do a good relationship is really wonderful things