Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's what sisters are*


Last Friday I took a half day off for some reason.
I met up with my sister in Shinjuku of Tokyo and we had lunch at a restaurant where I used to go to when I worked in Shinjuku..
After enjoying eating hotmápó dòufu we walked to NS building in the hot weather.
When I used to work in Shinjuku, I often went there because there were few customers there.
I used to like the elevator of this building. Because you can see spectacular view.
So I asked her to get on the elevator.
My sister said “ I know a higher building in Shiodome of Tokyo. And you can enjoy going up at high speed “ But we enjoyed going up more than imagined while imagining riding the ride called“ free fall “
It would be OK to ride it once, but I asked he to ride one more time. So she grinned at me
After walking for a long time we stooped by Starbucks. But we couldn’t keep seats
Because I stood reading books at a book shop next to Starbucks.
So we had to walk more for me. It was not easy to hang out with me.
We finally got seats and drank a cup of coffee while being relaxed.
And then we went to see various shops for clothes and something and we went to a shop for ingredient of sweets and I got 1 kg of almond powder, raisin and walnuts walnut.
My sister got me the tool for squeezing the whipped cream for macaroon and Mont Blanc.
She said “ I don’t know why you made me walk for a long time. I’m really tired!” to me while smiling.
Yeah, that’s right! On the day we walked for two or three hours without knowing.
We left Shinjuku of Tokyo and got to my house with some alcohol.
It was really hot in the afternoon. So we took a shower as soon as we got to my house.
And we were relaxed under the air conditioning with alcohol. “ It felt really goooood “
Dear my sister, thank you for hanging out with me.
And the lightheartedness addicted for me.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, your half day was very pleasant and relaxing, wasn't it? What a nice view of the city!
The modern building in my last post is a museum.
Have a great weekend!

Webradio said...

Ayamlin, Ta demi-journée de repos a été très prenante...

Elles sont hautes ces tours !

Marie Reed said...

It sounds like you got in quite a bit of sport! Did your muscles ache the next day?

marina said...

Sisters are always there, aren't they?

jaejae said...

i miss my sister already... we haven't seen each other for a year now. she's lives in the philippines but will migrate here to canada in the next couple of years. and she and my mom visited tokyo 4 months ago.

ow, actually the chalks are my daughters. they have a huge blackboard where they draw & scribble anything and everything. i sometimes use the chalks, too, to draw for them.

jaejae said...

oh my... my 4 year old prays for avril lavigne! when you ask her what she wants to become when she grows up, she'll say ' i wanna be a rockstar like avril lavigne!' hahahaha!

Maria said...

Ayamlin, this was a wonderful half day with your sister! And the photo of the skyskrapers is really beautiful! Did you take a photo when you were up in the sky?

ayamlin said...

Thank you guys!!
I'll respond later.
So please check it later:)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro *
Hi Pietro!
Yes, it was very good day:)
I took this picture when I went up in elevator.
This place is called Shinjuku where you can see beautiful scenery at night!
Have a great weekend, Pietro:)

* Webradio *
Hi Webradio!
Yes, I went to various places:)
This place is called Shinjuku.
There are a lot of tall buildings!

* Marie Reed *
Hi marie!
Ahaha! my sister said " My muscle got sore! " on the day.
I'm OK:) I'm a tough woman?!:)

* marina *
Hi marina!
I was pleased I had a sister.
Sisters are like friends, like parents but they're a little bit different from them:)

ayamlin said...

* jaejae *
Hi jaejae!
Oh! You're from philippines?!
Actually my host family in Victoria when I stayed there for 2 weeks was from philippines!
Many philippinos migrated in Canada?
I can imagine how you're missing your sister!
By the way I've been to Manira 20 years ago!!
My mother's friend used to live there for few years!!!
Mango juice and orange juice are incredible!!!
they're totally different from them in Japan!
And about Avril, I listen to her song when I jog and go to work.
he songs make me cheerful:)

* Maria *
Hi Maria!
Thank you for saying that:)
Actually I posted this picture because I wanted to see you it.
I always see your picture of Vienna. that's why..
but there isn't really toll building like them at the city I live :)