Monday, September 29, 2008

thrilled night in Guam


On the second day of Guam time flied when we were in the sea.
After having dinner at TGIFriday we walked around the town and went to a ride called sling shot.
The ride is the opposite of bungy jump.
My sister who likes scary rides asked us to ride the ride.
My sister’s husband said “ I can’t do it definitely.”
Everybody said " Aya should ride the ride! " to me. My sister who really wanted to ride it held me to the entrance of the ride. Everybody said " I'll pay the fee. " or " I'll get something after you riding. " to me. I said " Wait wait!! I'm bad at riding the scary ride more than you guys. " I thought I tried to ride the ride for my sister many times.
Because she really really wanted to ride it.
It attains heights of 230 feet and reaching speeds of up to 100 mph over and over.
It’s more scary than Japanese roller coaster very much.
I ended up not riding it. I couldn’t have courage to ride it.
After leaving the ride we went to the aquarium called “ Under Water World “.
We were able to see big Mantas and turtles swimming under the aquarium tunnel.
Sometimes some manta took a break on the aquarium of our head. And their faces made us
We ended up going back to the hotel around 12 in the morining.
On the following day we were gonna go back to Japan.
Time flied on the last day.


Marie Reed said...

I loveee scary rides! I'll have to go with your sister the next time:)

Pietro said...

Also for me: no ride!
What a wonderful night photo, Ayamlin!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i am a scaredy cat...don't like roller coasters anymore. i think i might be too old now. good for you!

Webradio said...

Bonsoir !
On t'accompagne volontiers dans Ton voyage...
A plus tard...

doggybloggy said...

sick machine...thats what I name it...

marina said...

I'm afraid to watch others to ride so you understand how I feel about it!!!

Maria said...

Ha, I always loved as many scary rides as I could get! But since I broke my ancle three years ago in a bycicle accident, I am so much afraid of everything and I am sure I would not have tried this ride! But if marie reed was with me I'd probable ride again? :)
Your night photo is soooo beautiful!

jaejae said...

it would surely have been more fun if you tried the ride! if others can, why can't you, right! LOL!

looks like your vacation really is full of fun & surprises!

ow, no.. my mouse is not mickey mouse... his name is IKABUD! LOL!

ayamlin said...

Hi everybody!

Thank you for your kind comment:)
Can I write my message to you guys tomorrow?
Tonight I worked over time for a long time.
I'm really tired! so I need a good sleep:)

ayamlin said...

* Marie Reed
Hi Marie!
Oh...I wish I were you!
I wanted to ride the scary ride for my sister, but I couldn't do it!
Oh, please ride the ride with my sister next time:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Oh you're bad with scary rides!
I'm bad with them since I was a child!!
only imagining the scary ride, my heart starts pounding!!

* mommaof4wife2r
Hi mommaof4wife2r!
I didn't know the word " scaredy cat "!
Oh thank you!
I learned one word from you!
Yes, I'm a scaredy cat, too!

ayamlin said...

* Webradio
Bonsoir webradio!
Oh thank you!
If you were there, it would've been more fun:)

* doggybloggy
Hello doggybloggy !
I wish I could ride the ride!
because my sister likes it!

* marina
Hi marina!
Yeah, I'm thriled only to look the ride and imagine it!
We're the same:)

* Maria
Hi Maria!
the ride looks soooooooo scarly, right?
just imagining it, my heart starts pounding!
Can I just see you and marie reed riding the ride ? ahaha
thank you for saying your pic beautiful:)

ayamlin said...

* jaejae
Hello jaejae!
Oh you like the scary rides, too!
I'm jealous of you!
I wanna be like you!
when the ride falls down, my stomach feels kind of sick!
When you ride the scary ride before the ride falling down, what do you do?
Can I tell something good idea when you ride the scary rides:)