Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mont Blanc


My father-in-law sent us a pumpkin that he grew at his garden.
So I made various dishes from it. Per say, deep cooked pumpkin, grilled pumpkin and pumpkin with miso-soup.
The pumpkin was made in Japan also he grew it without Agricultural chemicals.
So I was pleased to eat such a nice pumpkin.
Especially we were able to taste the natural sweet of pumpkin. It was very good.
I grilled sliced pumpkin with bread crumbs that I mixed with Parmigiano cheese and chopped small tomato.
But there was still some pumpkin. So I decided to make cake called Mont Blanc from it.
I boiled pumpkin and used the blender for mashing.
Then I strained it.
After straining it I was pleased to see the smooth pumpkin.
It was really smooth. I enjoyed the texture also mixing it with sugar and fresh cream.
By the way I realized I was not sure how to put the cream on the cake after baking some cup cake.
I don’t have tools for squeezing cream for Mont Blanc. So I used another tool instead of it.
After finishing making it I thought I should’ve put pumpkin cream
around fresh cream on the top of the cake. I’ll do it next time.
Anyway, I’ m satisfied used all the pumpkin that my father-in-law grew and enjoyed eating as various dishes.
The fall that is the best season for eating is coming soon.
I gotta be careful not to gain weight.


Maria said...

Hi Ayamlin, your pumpkin dishes must have been very very good! And you cooked them with love!
Funny about Sound of Music! I did not see the film, but you and also American bloggers associated the Edelweiss and the mountains with it! In Youtube I could see the setting is Salzburg and its surrounding, the Salzkammergut. Now I know why everybody associates Austria with music and Mozart and the mountains! The film is not so popular in Europe.

Webradio said...

Hello !

Wouah !
I am hungry...

See you soon...

tumbleweed said...

I've made pumpkin pie, pumpkin salad, pumpkin soup and pumpkin curry but never a pumpkin Mont Blanc! i enjoyed reading your culinary exploration....

marina said...

You're a great SEF!!! That's for sure:)

Marie Reed said...

Hi! I'm happy to meet you! Let me shake your cyber hand! I love cooking with pumpkin! I think that I'll go to the grocery and buy a piece today:)

ayamlin said...

Maria *
Hi Maria!
Thank you so much! I'm flattered:)
Actually I'm a beginner of making sweets. So I try to make something sometimes.
I'm gonna learn making sweets at school.
By the way I thought you've already seen " sound of music "
It's very good movie. Songs are very good also it's entertaining!
Yeah, speaking of Austria, it's Mozart, mountains and Hapsbulg ハプスブルグfamily!

* Webradio :
Hi webradio!
Thank you so much for saying that:)
I'm very pleased:)

* tumbleweed *
Hello tumbleweed!
Thank you so much for enjoying reading my blog:)
I'm more than delighted!
pumpkin Mont Blanc is very good!
Try it:)

ayamlin said...

* marina *
Hi marina!
thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased:)

* Marie Reed *
Hello Marie!
I'm so happy to meet you, too:)
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
What do you cook with pumpkin?
If there is something good dish with pumpkin, please tell me:)

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I should like to taste the delicious Mont Blanc you cooked!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro *
Hello Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment as usual:)
I'm so glad!
Someday please come to Japan and eat the Mont Blanc that I baked:)

Suzanne said...

This look delicious. I've been collecting various pumpkin recipes for years. I love the photo and now I'm hungry.