Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I bought cheap kitchen clothes at IKEA.3 pieces of cloth were sold for \180.I wasn’t gonna use wiping something in the kitchen I was gonna make place mats fromthem. I thought they are enough cute for place mats even if I did something to them.But I decided to make new place mats from them.I cut my sky blue dress shirt and my blue and white striped outfit.And I cut polka dot cloth and yellow striped cloth. And I stitched them together.I held the needle and scissors while seeing a drama the day before last night andlast night.I wasn’t mood to do it on Saturday even though I had time for myself.But I want to do that when it’s on the busy weekdays.I’ve been thinking that I want time for myself more. But probably I wanna do various things because of not having much time.

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