Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas decoration in Whistlaer


I was terribly jet-lagged because I didn’t sleep on the plane.
My plane left in the evening in Japan and it took 8 hours and a half hour to get to Canada.
It was 1:30 in the morning in Japan. But it was in the early morning in Canada.
It’s no wonder I was sleepy.
We didn’t join tours. So nobody waited for us there.
We looked for the bus that we booked and went to the bus stop.
At the time I heard Japanese English accent that Japanese tourists spoke.
Oh,Canadian people must hear the same Enlglish accent as my English.
I was skimmering. Hahaha.
Chinese who sat down in front of my seat spoke Englishe very well.
Their children were native speaker. Probably they were born there.
Parents sometimes spoke Chinese.
The Chinese woman looked very beautiful. She had Fendy’s sun glasses on her head and
beautiful brown hair of bob hairstyle.
Her first language is not English. But she spoke English beautifuly.
I was interested in her and I was wondering if I should’ve talked to her.
But that’s too bad we got to Whistler while wondering it.
It was really cold in Vancouver but it was much colder in Whistler than in Vancouver.
It was such a cold air. I hunched my back even though I wore a down jacket.
After lunch we slept for few minutes and went out.
The Whistler town was decorated with Christmas something and it was really beautiful!
Some shops that we wanted to buy something were gone and some restaurants that
we wanted to go to were gone. But some shops that we wanted to go to were still opened.
On the night we ate some pizza and got café late at a coffe shop.
The first day in Canada was over like that.


Anette said...

It was such a long journey you took! I bet you came home full of new memories and experiences! Happy New Year Ayamlin!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's a very nice description of your travel: I enjoyed reading it.
The photo of the Christmas decorations in Whistler is so lovely.
Have a good day!

antigoni said...

Happy new year, Aya. I'm so glad to hear from you. I'm sure you enjoyed your trip. We spent our holidays at home but not alone. With a lot of friends and family. For the new year's eve see my post of My World. The things you sent to Marina were fantastic.

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Happy new year Anette!
Thank you for your comment:)
Actually it was not long. I stayed in Canada from 25th to 30th.
I left there in the morning of 30th.
So this trip ended quickly.
I wanna go traveling to somewhere again!

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
thank you for your comment:)
and I'm really happy you enjoyed reading it.
I still remembered you said " I like the way you write. " to me
when we just met on the blog.
it was really pleasant comment!
Have a wonderful day ahead, Pietro:)

* antigoni
Happy new year antigoni!
Thank you for your comment!
You seemed to have wonderful time with your friend and your family on New year's eve and new years!
By the way I'm so pleased you said " The things you sent to Marina were fantastic."