Friday, January 09, 2009

What would you think of me if young me saw old me?


On the second day in whistler resort we started snowboarding in the late morning.
It was on Saturday. I thought it was of course but there were many people in the
front of gondra. We didn’t see it coming.
By the way most kids who learned skiing at the ski school skied very well.
They skied fast after their teacher also jumped one after another.
The sun shined and it wasn’t colder than the previous day.
We went to a restaurant in the ski resort around at noon.
There were noodles like Udon also Yakisoba.
Canadian who sat in the front of us didn’t know how to use the Chinese spoon called
“Renge”. So they ate it with chopsticks and spoon.
I thought I taught them how to use it. But I couldn’t talk to them.
I became a boring grown-up woman.
If I was young, I would’ve talked to them before thinking of various things.
When did I lose the courage to talk to them or something?
I think when I was young, I wasn’t wondering if I should do everything.
When I fell in love with somebody, I asked him first and I didn’t use to flatter my boss also
if my boss was wrong I had said it to them.
I used to think this is the way I live. Where did my strong character go?
Without knowing my priority is coordination and I became a person who doesn’t tell the
thing that I think of. And I don’t do something that people are surprised.
I became a good person but if young aya saw me, she would think such a boring person.
By the way this picture is also me. Even though I wore two fleece clothes and three long
sleeve shirts, it was really cold.


Anette said...

It looks really cold!
I think I'g developing the other way, getting more brave as I get older!

Pietro said...

When we are young we are more spontaneous indeed, but I think you are not at all old: you are very young, Ayamlin!
Have a great weekend!

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Hello Anette!
Yea, it was really cold.
but I think your country is colder than Whistler.
How ofted does it snow in your country?

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you Pietro!
Women want to be young forever! ahaha!
So your word makes me happy:)
Have a great weekend, Pietro!

Maria said...

Yes, when I was young I was more spontaneous, too. But I think you are not boring at all... But me?
What would young Maria think if she had met me at 51?
She would have shook her head and wondered where all my energy had gone ?
Haha, what a funny thing to think about, Aya :)