Saturday, January 24, 2009

my crush


Probably many women in the world are the same as me. I’m having crush on Obama!
He is really cool and hot! I see the news since I wanna see him! And I’m absorbed
seeing his pictures at book shops.
Putting the politics, the thing that I like him the most is his butt!!
His pretty butt is small and shapely..
His masculine upper body is attractive when I saw his figure in a swimsuit.
I can’t stop looking to his pretty butt that I can tell how pretty it is even if he wears the suit.
I hardly ever have a chance to have a crush on the president of US!
I wanna enjoy it and learn English from his beautiful words.
Speaking of love, my sister’s husband seems to have a crush on me.
On the following day when I talked with him on the phone I talked with my sister.
She said “ He looked really fun and crackled like talking with girlfriend.”
Now I remember she said the same thing before. He sometimes calls me when he gets tipsy.
Yeah, she is right. He must fall in love with me.
By the way I took this picture at fire works exbition last year.
Two fire works, My crush and my sister’s husband’s crush, are set off!

* of course my story and my sister's husband's story is a kind of joke:)
but I really respect Obama!


niar said...

HI Aya,
the celebration for Obama victory in your place seems so glorious. I also celebrate and do hope for this Obama goverment....

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I am content with Barack Obama's election. Great hope for us all.
Lovely photo of the fireworks!
Have a nice Sunday :-)

Maria said...

Hallo Aya, I also appreciate Obama and I a agree that hethink he is a very elegant man!
The firework pictures are great!
Have a nice Sunday!

ayamlin said...

* niar Pietro Maria
Hi! thank you for your kind comment:)
And I'm so pleased you agree with me.
I hope world has changed and peaceful world has come!

Anette said...

I agree with you, he's handsome, has a lovely voice (thats my favourite) and I have big hopes for him, being the president of the US. I hope he'll stay safe, and do some good things, and straighten up some things too!

SandyCarlson said...

Obama is indeed lovely in every way!

lili11 said...

Try not to get crushed, lol!

ayamlin said...

* Anette
I totally agree with you!
yes, he is so handsome.
I see the news because I wanna see him and listen to his voice:)
In Japan books of his speech are in. it 's good to study English!

* Sandy
I really like him!
but for him it's so tough.
Because everybody expects him.
but, yes he can:)
I want him to come to Japan!!

* lili11
Ahaha! thank you for fun comment:)