Thursday, January 08, 2009

rock'n' roll?? in Whistler


On the first day in whistler resort it was reallu cold even in the town.
So I wore even PJ and went to the slope.
It was still on the 26th of Dec. There were only few people and I realized it was week days
later. We didn’t waited for the lift and we hardly saw people around the top of mountain.
I was a little bit scared because we didn’t get used to snowboarding there.
But on the slope that was required T-bar advance we were able to use T-bar lift even though
we were beginners of T-bar lift. Of course we were taught how to use the lift
Around the top of mountain there were many rocks and even on the slope we found a lot
of rock. Then we found out why many people wore brain buckets.
The mercury had minus five degrees there.
Thew was a little bit sprinkling of snow but slope turned icy.
If I fell down on the icy slope and hit the rocks, I would die. I thought it like that and
I got scared. My feet got stiff and I got tired easily.
We ended up getting back to the hotel earlier than the finishing time of the lifts.
This picture is me around the top of the mountain.
Seeing the slope on the picture, it looks like much snow stacking up.
But it was icy slope. I almost sliped! It was really scarly.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, ice and rocks make slopes terrible indeed! In the photo you look happy: I hope you enjoyed the walk in the mountains in spite of all that! :-)

Maria said...

I would have beens scared, too! Ice and rocks are really dangerous and your muscles begin to tremble and to cramp. Hope you had some fun in Whistler, too?
Some weeks ago I learned that there is a gondola lift built by an Austrian company in Whistler which is called "peak 2 peak". Did you see it?
Hugs, Maria

niar said...

hi Ayamlin,
enjoy your day by your comfortable vacation. The Ice and rocks is really interesting, but be carefull, when you can't help your self yo play

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
thank you for your comment.
yes, the slopes were very terrible. So I was scared.
but snowboarding is really fan!
I haven't decided when I go snowboarding next time.
but I wanna decided it as soon as possible!
Where do you go snowboarding in Italy?
is snow good?

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
thank you for your comment.
and I'm more than willing I learned peak 2 peak was built by an Austrian company.
I didn't totally know it.
Thanks for the tip,
I got on the gondora of peak 2 peak twice.
It was really amazing!
I'll post the picture few days later!!

ayamlin said...

* niar
Hello niar. thank you for your comment!
the ski slope in Whistler was a little bit dangerous.
but it was fan.
Are you interested in snowboarding?
Probably it doesn't snow in your country?
There are a lot of good ski resort in Japan, too.
If you're interested in them, I'll tell you:)