Sunday, May 09, 2010

I met an American woman during the trip


I saw two foreign tourists who got on the bus.
I wanted her to sit next to me. Then she sat next to me!!
Good for me!! She is from where? I was wondering she came from Russia?
But they spoke English. Oh, lucky me!
I wanted to talk to her and said “ You’re from where? “ but I couldn’t seem to talk to her.
Oh, I don’t like the point of me! It’s very Japanese.
I said “ Are you gonna pass up this chance? “ to me on my mind.
Then the bus driver announced about the next busstop.
I heard she wanted to drop off there.
Oh, I don’t want her to drop off I thought of that. And they ended up not dropping off.
After a while the bus stooped passengers could see the fall from the bus.
The bus driver told us the fall in our right side but we hardly saw it.
She sat on the sub seat. That’s why she couldn’t see it I thought.
Then I said “ Can you see it? “ to her already.
And then I was able to say “ You’re from where? “ to her.
Her name was Susan and she is from Boston of US and she came to Japan with her
friend called Kitty.
She was going to Kyoto on the following day and going to Nikko and Tokyo.
She seemed to be a warm person and considerate.
She goes traveling all of the word. She’s been to Himarayas also Peru.
She said “ Are you in University? “ to me. Of course I answered “ No “.
And she said “ Are you in your twenties? “
Yeah, I was more than delighted! Hahaha!
We talked about various things on the bus and said good-bye at the station.
She hadn’t booked the hotel near Tokyo air terminal yet. So I told her my number
when she couldn’t book the hotel and we exchanged the email address each other.
I forgot to take pictures of us but I’m having a feeling to see her again!


linda croissant said...

aya..u r a very warm person!!!

ayamlin said...

* linda
Thank you linda!!!!
I'm more than delighted!
You're a very really warm woman.
I really like you, indeed!!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's always so pleasant to meet nice people during a travel, isn't it?
I find interesting the question "Are you in your twenties?"

antigoni said...

It's great to meet new people and make new friends.
I'm sure you'll be a great mother one day. Have faith...

Marina said...

Your attidute was very...greek;) I like to speak to foreign people too, to know about their habbits, their way of living, their life, to make friends. I hope belgians are warm, too!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro!
Hi Pietro!
do you talk to strangers usually?
I have an image western people talk to others easily.
I always think I wanna do that like them and try to do it.
by the way I'm in my thirties.
how about you?

Hi Antigoni!
Thank you Antigoni!
Do you talk to stranger easily?
about mother...
I guess so! I hope so!

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Oh, Was I very greek?
I'm more than delighted!!!
do you always talk to foreiners?
Yes, it's fun to know other cultures:)
I'm sure Beligian is very warm and kind.
Because my first foreign friend was Belgian.
He is an old man and passed away tow years ago.
I learned various thing by him:)

Pietro said...
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jeannette said...

Enjoy your looooong twenties:)
there will come a time though, that they won't ask that anymore, so enjoy while you can!

When I was a student between 24 and 27 years of age, our daughter was about 4 years old,
I overheard my friend who was babysitting my daughter, saying to one of her own friends (who did not know me),
"No, she is not a freshman (first year of college), but a senior (last, or 4th year of college), and she is not baby sitting that child, it's her daughter!"

Now you know why I am laughing! If you don't understand the story, copy this story and ask your teacher:)

El taller de Curra - Cartonnage said...

Many thanks for your visit to my blog.!! yes.. I do teach cartonnage but in Japan you can find many people who does marvellous things with this tecniche..!!

Best regards!!! from spain!!